April 21, 2018

Archives for October 2008

Book News: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Book On Hold “Indefinitely”

February release date scrapped as pol seeks third term. Delay could help sales. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s actions to clear the path for a third term has become a headache for publisher Perseus Books Group, which has put his forthcoming title, Do The Hard Things First (and Other Bloomberg Rules for Business and […]

OCLC Updating Records Use Guidelines; Confusion Over Effective Date

By Josh Hadro After 21 years, OCLC updating records use guidelines Concerns emerge about shrink-wrap licensing No such license, effective date to be 90 days after announcement Quietly, OCLC has been preparing to update its “Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records,” easing noncommercial use of those records, set for release on Sunday, […]

Q&A: The Book Babes

By Anne Garner, NYPL Ellen Heltzel and Margo Hammond—aka the Book Babes—have made careers out of being the kind of women you dial en route to the library or bookstore to ask, “What should I read next?” It is the uncommon literature lover who offers consistently dependable answers but the even rarer reader who proves […]

Christian Science Monitor To Abandon Daily Print; NIH Partners with Bibliotheca; CAB Abstracts Gets Full Text

What a week it was for the web. While the big news this week was the agreement between Google, book publishers, and authors to end two lawsuits challenging its library scan plan, not to be overlooked was the Christian Science Monitor’s (CSM) announcement that, beginning in April 2009, it would become the first major U.S. […]

Lessig: In Google Settlement, Orphan Works the Big Loser?

As LJ reported throughout September, the library community and its allies came close to getting a long sought after orphan works bill through Congress—earning passage in the Senate, before stalling at the feet of the “dark archive” proponents in the House. While Association of Research Libraries (ARL) associate executive director Prue Adler has said she […]

Harvard Slams Google Settlement; Others Reactwith Caution

Increased access Did libraries sell out? End of copyright? If a major theme has emerged among the reactions to Google’s sweeping $125 million settlement with publishers and authors over its library scan plan, it is cautious optimism, tempered by uncertainty. As LJ noted in its initial report, most observers say that the success of the […]

ALA Seeks $100 Million in Stimulus Funding for Public Libraries

Library use rises, but budgets decline ALA points to increased hours, help with job search, financial literacy Funds would be distributed according to LSTA formula The American Library Association (ALA) is asking Congress for a one-time infusion of $100 million in stimulus funding to help libraries aid Americans as they deal with the nation’s current […]

As Google Settlement Now Seeks Court Approval, Rejected Tasini Settlement Shoots for Supreme Court Review

With all briefs now filed, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether to hear an appeal to overturn a 2007 Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the epic Tasini v. New York Times case, which by a two to one margin rejected a 2005 agreement hammered out by lawyers for publishers and three writers’ […]

Google Settles Landmark Lawsuit Over Book Scanning

Two lawsuits settled Copyright issue not really resolved Deal solidifies Google’s place in selling digital books Faced with navigating a major disagreement over copyright law, one fraught with major implications for the web and libraries, the parties involved in two three-year old lawsuits over Google’s library scan plan instead adopted an “audacious” (according to one […]

Libraries Reserve Early Comment, But Some See Bright Side in Google Book Search Settlement

To paraphrase University of Michigan (UM) librarian Paul Courant, what began as a blueprint for a universal digital library has become a universal digital bookstore—and maybe that’s not all bad. Mostly, however, library community reaction to the Google Book Search settlement, released today, has been muted thus far today as librarians and advocates attempt to […]