April 20, 2018

Book News: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Book On Hold “Indefinitely”

  • February release date scrapped as pol seeks third term.
  • Delay could help sales.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s actions to clear the path for a third term has become a headache for publisher Perseus Books Group, which has put his forthcoming title, Do The Hard Things First (and Other Bloomberg Rules for Business and Politics), “on hold indefinitely,” the New York Times reports. The book was scheduled for a February release. The Times reports that coauthor Margaret Carlson said that the book was nearly complete, but the third term attempt has monkey-wrenched its timing. “It was looking back, not looking forward. It did not make sense to put it out now when the story is not over,” she said. Bloomberg reportedly also did not want to be in the midst of a book tour in the current economic crisis when he’ll no doubt be cutting services and raising taxes. Top literary agent Laurence J. Kirshbaum asserts that the delayed release may help sales: “You’ve got a much stronger book watching Michael Bloomberg take us over the falls. Hopefully, the barrel will hold up.”