February 17, 2018

A New Focus (and Debate) on Street Lit in Libraries

By LJ Staff

Public libraries have been collecting street lit for years, but the New York Times this week just discovered the trend, writes LJ‘s Wilda Williams on LJ‘s In the Bookroom blog. 
At least “the reporter was smart enough to interview our own street lit columnist Vanessa Morris… who defends the genre as a chronicle of the African Americans who survived the 1980s drug wars.” Williams alerts readers to look for Morris’s next column in a November issue of our new BookSmack email newsletter and points to Rollie Welch’s October take on hot fall urban fic
The Annoyed Librarian, LJ‘s newest blogger, has a more contrarian take, as readers might guess. “Let’s take a look at these motivations for buying crappy books,” she writes, and her dissection has provoked some debate about the age-old issue of “giving them what they want.”