May 23, 2018

More Media!

Welcome, media-hungry librarians and library students, to Library Journal‘s inaugural Media section, whose evolution was informed by your own suggestions, direction, and requests. Detailed mention in our audio reviews not just of library-edition CDs but also of retail editions and digital downloadables? Check. A greater number of AV reviews as well as added coverage of AV news and developments? Done. The inclusion of media best sellers and most-circulated lists? Roger that. And, in answer to your call for coverage of all media, see our new gaming and music columns—they’ll be alternating with each issue—and their eponymous LJ blog counterparts.

Highlights in this issue: Librarian Ophelia Lo interviews audiobook narrator Simon Vance in our first “Behind the Mike” Q&A (p. 40), Library Technical Services Manager Nanette Donohue examines best practices in maintaining physical media collections (p. 32), and Immersive Learning (i.e., Gaming) Librarian Shawn McCann dispels gamer stereotypes in his debut “Gaming Basics” column (p. 51). (Stay tuned next for Popular Media Reference Librarian Matthew Moyer’s “Music for the Masses” column, in which he’ll give libraries collecting music the lowdown on Metal.)

We want this new Media section to be as useful to you as possible, so if there’s something we’re not covering that you’d like us to, or something we’re already covering that you’d like to see more of, email me directly. As your media-related needs and challenges continue to evolve, so, too, will our media coverage—that’s a promise.