February 17, 2018

Florida State University Library To Require ID Checks After Student Is Assaulted

Three weeks after a shocking daytime attack in which a student library worker was sexually assaulted in Florida State University’s(FSU) Strozier Library, new security measures are now in place. Associate Dean of Libraries Rebecca Bichel told local reporters that students using the library, must show a photo ID, and the general public, which has access to the library as it is a state institution, must show ID and “fill out a form as to why they’re using the library.”

The tighter security measures come after an assailant, claiming he was armed, assaulted the student on the library’s fourth floor around 12:30 in the afternoon. FSU librarian Judith Russell also told reporters that campus police were looking for the assailant and have stepped up patrols, not only for Strozier, but all the university’s libraries. The library has also “implemented hourly security checks, added an extra security officer at night, and is considering installing a blue light help phone.”