February 17, 2018

Joe Murphy | Movers & Shakers 2009 – Trendspotters

Joe Murphy, Yale University, New Haven, CT Short Messaging for the Long Term

Joe Murphy’s self-identification as “a Millennial and digital native who lives in online social networks” informs his perspective on their intersections with library services; he works to suggest best practices for realistic applications of 2.0 technologies.

Murphy developed an iPhone-based text messaging reference service for the Yale Science Libraries, matching patrons’ mobility by “bringing reference where they are through a preferred medium.” The iPhone also saves time, enabling SMS, phone, email, IM service, and posting directly to Twitter and Facebook from one device.

Murphy provoked discussion by remarking at Tame the Web (joemurphy.notlong.com) that “libraries that don’t offer texting are basically invisible to me.” He explains: “As for many others, SMS is a primary communication method.” With texting being more popular than voice call or IM, “not being available by SMS is akin to not having a webpage.”

While Murphy understands that “change is hard and technophobia prevalent…SMS is not a new technology.” This and other 2.0 services help “advance our profession from initial buy-in to a sustainable future of Library 2.0.”


POSITION Science Librarian, Coordinator of Instruction & Technology, Kline Science Library

DEGREE MLIS, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2006

PUBLICATION Columnist, Science & Technology Libraries