February 17, 2018

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Marketing Trends in the News

I just returned from a lovely vacation (Bastille Day in Paris!) and opened my paper to two interesting marketing trends. The first ran in Sunday’s New York Times, under Ideas &  Trends: "To Be ‘Verbed’ Or Not ‘Verbed." You  know, how we use xerox or  google as verbs. This article talks about the new Bing from […]

ALA 2009 Twitter Hashtag Analysis: That's a Whole Lotta Tweets

There’s some good analysis of the Twitter hashtag usage from the recent ALA conference posted by Eric Hellman on his Go to Hellman blog. According to his numbers, there were more than 1,500 tweets using ALA-related hashtags from the more than 28,000 conference attendees. That works out to about one tweet for every 19 visitors, […]

New York Public Library "Restructuring" Eliminates 65 Jobs, Total Number Leaving Unclear

By Norman Oder Goal of meeting budget challenges and increasing productivity also cuts into institutional memory 65 positions lost, 120 created Affected staff members can apply Loss of institutional memory This week, the New York Public Library (NYPL) eliminated 65 positions as part of what they describe as a restructuring aimed "to better serve shifting […]

ALA Conference 2009:Academic-PL Collaborations Explored

By Bill Goodwyn ALA 2009: Alliances include branch library, programs, service opportunities Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories "The Little Library That Could" "The Mouse and the Elephant" An unresolved collaboration A time for service So, how can public libraries and academic libraries work together? Each case depends on local conditions, according […]

ALA Conference 2009: Forum's "Doomsday Clock" Countdown

By Josh Hadro ALA 2009: Academic libraries urged to consider maverick models of publishing Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories "Zero tolerance" for price increases, say panelists Radical changes to publishing model under consideration Libraries must "wield moral clout" Academic libraries are approaching midnight on the Doomsday Clock of scholarly communications, said […]

The Value Gap

By Carol Tenopir It is more important than ever, suggested several companies in the annual Database Marketplace Survey (LJ 5/15/09, p. 22–25), to measure collection use fully and better evaluate the value of the library to its constituencies. Many libraries already emphasize a variety of evaluation techniques. A look through the offerings of library conferences […]

ALA Conference 2009: Senior Spaces Crucial for Aging Population

ALA Annual Conference: As baby boomers age, it’s getting more and more important to shape library services to meet their needs The need to serve seniors is becoming more and more prevalent for libraries. At a Saturday session of the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Chicago, library consultant Allan Kleiman, formerly assistant director, […]

Reference BackTalk: Shift Happens–“Moving Reference to Circulation

After much reflection, the Middlesex Community College Library in Connecticut took the plunge last summer. Are we talking a day at the beach? A dip in someone’s pool? No, not as refreshing as that, although we did feel as if we were drowning at times. The plunge was our decision to intershelve reference books with […]

ALA 2009: Best Part of ALA–Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is an incredible man. He autographed for hours both days. He expressed sadness that so many people were unable to get their book signed. The lines for his autograph must have set new records for length.   He said to me, "Hi, I’m Neal…" Well, just call me ravingly silly librarian who can hardly explain […]

ALA 2009: So…the 2009 Newbery/Caldecott Banquet. How Was That, Then?

Good.  It was good. What, you want more than that?  Vultures! No, I kid.  You see, folks, every year there is a Newbery/Caldecott Banquet to celebrate the winners of said awards.  This tends to be a big affair.  People dress up.  Make-up is applied.  And goals stated. Featured goal of this particular banquet: Find Neil […]