February 16, 2018

Archives for August 2009

Isn't It Great that the Students Are Gone? | From the Bell Tower

By Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories Our preparations to receive a new freshman class and other returning students made me think back to last spring, when I heard two administrator types talking about how nice it is on campus once the students […]

OCLC Expanding WorldCat's European Records

By Josh Hadro New agreements increase visibility of European collections, offer OCLC more holdings data Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories On August 25, OCLC announced deals with a number of European national libraries and other institutions to broaden WorldCat’s access to international metadata. Included in the announcement: Denmark: OCLC will get […]

Take Ones!

I love this idea! My neighborhood library — Upper Arlington Public Library — has this VERY simple idea that works for their community, which includes three locations. Watch this video to hear Community Relations Manager Ruth McNeil explain:  Here are closeup examples of these take ones. If you’d like to talk more with Ruth about […]

Influence of Good Design on Customers

At least once a year I relearn an important lesson about myself: I am a short-hair woman. Long hair (even longish) doesn’t work. So this weekend I went to my salon to bring me back to reality. While there, I picked up a copy of Salon Today, and was intrigued by the savvy articles on […]

Newswire Opinion: Libraries Clash with Harvard Business Publishing on Deep-Linking

Links to published materials are integral to the library’s mission, says Chris Flegg Since mid 2008, a simmering battle has been taking place between Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) on the one hand, and a small number of academic libraries on the other. At issue is whether or not HBP is entitled to charge libraries for […]

E-textbook Mania Strikes Higher Ed | From the Bell Tower

By Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories At my institution I represent the library on our Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable (TLTR). The TLTR brings together representatives from academic and administrative offices to work collaboratively to help guide the institution’s decision-making about technology. […]

Article on Outplacement Firm Backfires for Brooklyn Public Library

By Norman Oder Firm president, library director apologize to staff Library says it agreed to be anonymous in article Painful details of firings Apology sent to staff Washington Post says library did cooperate For readers, a long Washington Post article published August 9 and headlined The Art of Letting Employees Go, was an intimate look […]

What Makes My Heart Sing!

This summer, as Ohio libraries faced an unprecedented reduction in state  funding, one of the keys to our successful  response to that crisis was a unity of force:  all 251 libraries — through the guidance of Ohio Library Council — presented a coherent, cohesive, consistent message to our public. The essence of marketing. The experience left […]

Library Marketing to Hispanics

When I hear from colleagues in libraryland marketing, I like to follow up with an interview to learn what is going on in other libraries — what are they proud of, what are they seeing, where are the challenges. The other day I had an email whose subject line simply read, "A Small World." Turns out that the […]

What Academic Libraries Contribute to Productivity | From the Bell Tower

Want to know how to become the most sought after author and speaker in the world of academic librarianship? Just figure out a foolproof metric/formula for calculating any academic library’s return on investment to the higher education institute. It would probably help if it always showed the library is an incredibly valuable asset to the […]