April 19, 2018

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Squeezed by Mayoral Directive, Omaha PL Closes Branch, Lays Off More than 25% FTE

By Norman Oder Departing director says profession must focus more on preserving library funding Libraries, parks take biggest hit Service may be restored in next year’s budget Director Sass says board chose not to lay off librarians To help the city of Omaha recover from a lingering budget deficit, the Omaha Public Library is suffering a […]

After University of Kansas Approves Open Access, SPARC Pushes for More

By Norman Oder First public university in U.S. to adopt OA; will use KU Scholar Works Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories Harvard was pioneer in 2008 KU respository will be default SPARC offers guidance on OA campaigns In June, the University of Kansas, Lawrence, became the first public university in the […]

Here's An Idea

Hope this isn’t stating the obvious, but this idea strikes me as very repeatable — meaning you could do it, too. And it doesn’t cost anything. First some background. We have a great relationship with our local media — I’ll wager so do you — and our local NBC affiliate is a sponsor of our […]

Why Academic Libraries Matter | Peer to Peer Review

Last week I posed the question: “So what exactly is it that libraries have to offer to those who are drowning in information?” What unique value do they add as information migrates online and our limited collections compete with high-quality information that is freely available – in some cases because we fought hard to make […]

The Library of Congress Talks Digital Initiatives | Stacking the Tech

Ellyssa Kroski gets the scoop on social media, cloud storage, and Semantic Web initiatives at the world’s largest library The Library of Congress (LOC) has established itself as one of the leading institutions making use of social media to engage audiences and build community. And they have made great strides since January 2008 when they […]

The Value of Innovation: New Criteria for Library Scholarship, Part 1 & 2

Part 1: Eric Schnell discusses the problems that arise when innovative forms of scholarship aren’t given their due Academic librarians are increasingly breaking away from the traditional academic mold—using social networks to create and extend existing service, blogging to share information and knowledge, and deploying a variety of emerging technologies to supplement their instructional activities. […]

Library Organizations Urge DoJ To Take Proactive Role in Google Book Search Settlement

By Norman Oder Groups express concerns about pricing, composition of Book Rights Registry Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories Letter follows up on May meeting DoJ should treat settlement as consent decree OCA asks Google to request delay in hearing The American Library Association (ALA), the Association of College and Research Libraries […]

When You're Drowning: Making Libraries Matter in an Age of Abundance | Peer to Peer Review

A post by Hugh McGuire at the Book Oven Blog, parsing what happened to a feature story by Ian Shapira in the Washington Post, got me thinking. The issue: Gawker extracted the good bits and used them in a blog post. Shapira was grateful his story excited interest, but felt ripped off. After all, his […]

Why Shared Governance May Matter to You | From the Bell Tower

By Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories I have a confession to make. When I began my first academic library job as a reference librarian at the University of Pennsylvania’s business library in 1986 I knew pretty much nothing about the inner workings […]

Libraries At the Heart of Our Communities

I keep top of mind everyday this comment from my own husband: who uses the library anymore? I  remember it because it is so easy to be lulled into a presumption that everyone understands the value and relevance of a library. Look at all the people who come in our doors everyday. But here is someone […]