February 16, 2018

Archives for September 2009

What Are Your Friends Doing For You?

We are all trying to catch up with Facebook and find out what it really means as a marketing opportunity. Ok, so I have 1000 fans. What value does that really bring? And how can we continue to engage our fans beyond program announcements and information sharing? Ad Week has an article about an effort undertaken […]

College Presidents Signal Support for Public Access Research Act

By Josh Hadro Liberal arts colleges would benefit from extending openness required by NIH policy Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories Libraries can’t afford access to all relevant research Act before Congress would "democratize access" Question of political support remains (Updated 10/1/2009) The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) public access policy mandate, […]

Bargain Basement Higher Ed Has No Need for Libraries | From the Bell Tower

By Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories You know a higher education issue is really heating up when you suddenly find yourself reading about it almost everywhere you turn over the course of a week or so. Think of all those articles about […]

A New Style of Library

Don’t want you to miss this — the recent announcement of Anythink, the recently rebranded library in Adams County, Colorado and announced on September 12th. You’ll really want to take a look.  Here’s a library that has had the steel nerves to change the historic model. Some of the dramatic shifts they’ve made: Elimination of fines Elimination […]

ALA’s Public Library Technology Study Shows Increased Demand, Insufficient Support

By Norman Oder As libraries face fiscal squeeze and delay computer improvements, online access to job search, e-government needed more A new report released by the American Library Association (ALA), "Libraries Connect Communities 3: Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study 2008-2009,"shows that public libraries, even as they aim to increase access to computers and […]

Could This Experiment Work for Us? | From the Bell Tower

By Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories As funding tightens and administrators and faculty debate the relative merits of supporting different campus services, the conversation will eventually turn to the academic library and whether all the investment in books, journals, and staff is […]

Expanding the Library-or Redefining It? | Peer to Peer Review

By Barbara Fister, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories I remember last year reading about the plans for Goucher’s new library, dubbed an Atheneum, and thinking to myself "that’s going too far." I’m all for allowing students to eat in libraries, and not in those "refreshment […]

Marketing Trend: Behavioral Targeting

A fast-growing trend in marketing is a practice called behavioral targeting, which uses history and behavior collected on an individual’s web-browsing, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to push targeted advertisements to that individual. Behavioral targeting has been around for a while, but is really starting to take off. […]

Green in Lean Times: Sustainability and savings, key themes at LJ’s fifth Design Institute, in Arlington, VA

On an unexpectedly sunny morning last May, roughly 100 librarians, architects, vendors, and library board members met at the Arlington Public Library, VA, Central Library, for LJ‘s Design Institute (DI), a daylong seminar on green design created in partnership with Arlington PL and Lyrasis (formerly SOLINET and PALINET), as well as with the District of […]

The Theatrical Library

As libraries around the world today adapt to the new parameters of the Information Age, what used to be rooms full of book stacks are now centers for digital information, community meeting places, film and lecture halls, and—oh, yes—book stacks. A library is no longer just a place to look up information or find an […]