April 19, 2018

ALA Midwinter 2010: Rosenblat Reads Elizabeth Peters for RB, Pinchot Signs with Tantor

audie award-winning narrator barbara rosenblatI was at the Tantor Media booth Saturday chatting with Tantor’s new marketing manager, Amy Santo, when actress/singer/audiobook narrator Barbara Rosenblat (pictured) stopped by to say hello. Barbara, who in the course of her career has narrated more than 400 audiobooks, many of them Elizabeth Peters titles, informed us she’s now just three sessions shy of completing recording of Peters’s 19th Amelia Peabody entry, A River in the Sky (William Morrow; Apr. 6, 2010), for Recorded Books

Note to self: schedule a Behind the Mike interview with Barbara. She’s won more Audie Awards than any other female narrator (six) and garnered mention in LJ‘s listing of Best Audiobooks of 2009, for her reading of Miep Gies and Alison Leslie Gold’s Anne Frank Remembered (Oasis Audio; LJ 5/15/09).

actor/audiobook narrator bronson pinchotTantor, incidentally, just added classically trained actor Bronson Pinchot (aka Balki, pictured) to its roster of narrators—one of 18 narrators the publisher has signed on in the last year—and is in the process of getting him situated with its proprietary at-home recording equipment.
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