February 17, 2018

PLA 2010 Conference: LJ/SLJ’s Picks of Friday’s Top Tweets

By Anna Katterjohn

Public Library Association – PLA 2010 – Annual Conference – Portland

On day three of the Public Library Association national conference in Portland, OR, the #PLA10 Twitter stream showed that excitement about Voodoo Donuts has turned into hangover, and exhaustion is setting in. The Oh, I Wish I’d Said…(aka: Dealing with Difficult People) program got a lot of praise for its early-morning humor. A much-retweeted piece of advice from it—to stop a creepy conversation, say “Wow, that’s the most inappropriate thing anybody’s ever said to me.” Children’s Book Buzz, Open Source Works!, and Privacy Revolution! also had people talking, and Thursday’s retweets of the Gates Foundation survey turned into a fist-bumping meme on Friday.

LipstickLib: Survived PLA, despite the vendors’ best efforts to shove free totebags into my free totebag. #pla10

pandamans: Still learning, at the unofficial beer sessions #pla10

hutton356: #pla10 Spent PM in exhibits investigating ebooks & downloadables as a value added SELCO ILS service. Just might be "do-able" this time.

infowidget: Should I be pleased or worried this is a pretty packed room for the Passive Aggressiveness talk here? #PLA10

orangerooibos: at my last #pla10 session of the day: Training Volunteers as Booktalkers. giant room, few people. c’mon, what’s not to <3 about booktalking?

BobbyErskine: Told that Craig Thompson is close to finishing a graphic novel for @randomhouse that is even longer than Blankets! Exciting! #pla10

hhibner: Data-Driven Library: entertain me, PLEASE! It’s 4:00 on Friday! My expectations are high. Let’s do this! #pla10

Katatonic28: Virtual PLA just wrapped up. So much good information to process and put into practice! Thanks SELS and Seward PL for bringing #pla10 to us.

sarabethw: Marketing won’t help if you are promoting things that no one wants. Databases are too hard and people like google. S Nelson #jawdrop #pla10

dellenbaugh: Happy employees deliver best customer experience. Giving good cust. exp. leads to happy employees. Virtuous circle! #pla10

cougarlibrarian: Susan Hill Pieper is the best speaker I’ve heard so far. And she has a cool Alabama accent. #pla10

ryuden: Few hands raised when asked if knew about Patriot Act 1 yr extension. #privacyrevolution #pla10

kgould: Sandra Nelson – 22 billion Internet searches and growing (with 98% user satis) vs 290 million library refernce qstns & shrinking #pla10

waffles: As usual, some of the best bits of the conference are the chance conversations between the official sessions. #pla10

astroworm: Also, the Oregon Convention Center is huge! Back and forth, back and forth; I’m exhausted. #PLA10

librainiac: scored an ARC of the new cory doctorow FTW. no really, it’s called For the Win. #pla10

yestoknow: I wonder how many people have crossed from enlightement to exhaustion by this point #pla10

misskubelik: super friendly and FREE coat/bag check @ convention center is an EPIC WIN. #pla10

AspenWalker: @ulotrichous says: interesting that we share everything but our code. #osworks #pla10

amusedlibrarian: #pla10 – ask staff what they want and include it in your open source system. The staff will be much more supportive of changeover.

pbromberg: (my fav. quote!) RT @derekwolfgram: Your library is as friendly as your least friendly public service employee. @kdhyman #pla10

misskubelik: Words that make me uncomfortable when connected with books: multiplatform. #pla10

dellenbaugh: Met @billba of Unshelved library cartoon at #pla10 Got several more things to attend, but conference is now complete for me!

breadandroses: interesting to see which sessions generate lots of tweets & which few or none. different audiences? better info to share? #pla10

GrabLit: "what happens when vampires suck the life out of YA fiction…dystopian fiction". #childrensbookbuzz #pla10

woogapdx: Still lots to-do’s on vendor contact list, time running out. Wish exhibits were open for real on Wednesday. #pla10

hood_and_hat: Contra Costa Co Lib uses vending machines that checks in/out materials in 45 sec at community locations (shop + transit). #lib2go #pla10

christiehmm: In Soft People skills workshop – watching librarians try to make eye contact (or not). #pla10

pandamans: Eye contact exercises make me feel awkward. #youwantmetodowhat #pla10

sarabethw: In open source session at #pla10. My lib needs baby steps to open source before jumping to the ILS. Suggestions of things to try?

orangerooibos: am at the Partnering Children w/Dogs to Read panel. five minutes in and i’m already misty-eyed. adorable, powerful. #pla10

BobbyErskine: Brilliant idea of the morning: Keep GoodReads open while I hear all the great book recommendations. #pla10

LipstickLib: #pla10 Meme of the day: fist bump your neighbor whenever the Gates study abt library use is brought up. #pla2010

librarygrrl: Waiting for Open Source, was torn, though. Several cool options this session. Still, the baby Linux geek in me wins. #pla10 #opensource

aleah: To access the PLA hotspot – user: plauser, pass: pla2010. How’d I not know that until now? So bringing my laptop tomorrow. #pla10

gcollum: Playing spot the librarian, spot the developer in the #pla10 open source session.

misskubelik: really like the longer session breaks, annual should follow suite! #pla10

mbanasek: If you want to sell a new tech project to funders, talk about concrete data and real stats instead of "improved customer service" #pla10

lindyjb: RT @hhibner: Oh I Wish I’d Said…pretty funny stuff so far! #pla10 — //agreed: great session so far!

mmorneau: #pla10 – Nursing a Voodoo Donut hangover.

LCPLWeb: #pla10 Ohh! OCC why are there nasty spiders painted on your restroom floors? #Eek!

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