April 23, 2018

PLA 2010 Conference: LJ/SLJ’s Picks of Saturday’s Top Tweets

By Lynn Blumenstein

Public Library Association – PLA – Annual Conference – Portland

On the final day of PLA 2010 in Portland, librarians, as usual, left a good impression on the town. Also, tweeting attendees were excited about closing session speaker Sarah Vowell, who delivered an explicit and provocative presentation.

The Dewey session attracted crowds who pondered over its future. Many librarians were impressed with the scientific evidence about the power of storytelling as well as the persuasive power of alcohol in attracting young professionals.

Several attendees: RT  @cougarlibrarian: Hey librarians! We did something right at #pla10. Cabbie told me all the librarians were great tippers.

Many tweeted and retweeted this about closing session speaker Sarah Vowell: "Go forth and peddle your truth and smut."

VivaLibrarian: A patron walks into the library. Looks around and sees the gardening section and goes right to it. THAT is Dewey free!

Plenty of retweets of @AspenWalker: "The brain is social. It engages emotionally first & cognitively second" Start w/ stories, not facts & data

aleah: Best job title ever: Information Curator. – Cracking the Code

hutton356: A session how storytelling rewires the brain & helps build community including neuroscience evidence.

VivaLibrarian: What would Dewey think about abolishing the Dewey Decimal System? Doesn’t matter, he’s irrelevant!

ryuden: Curious if packed house is for or against rethinking dewey. Could be interesting…. I’m for it.

missym: Getting 20 & 30 yr olds into Library- coming home with some good ideas (some after- hours & involving wine!)

pandamans: You have to let your staff go out into the community and hang out and listen. LET YOUR PEOPLE GO

ryuden: Social media discussion points after experimentation: does it further mission, does use staff time efficiently?

pandamans: Very impressed with "If You Didn’t Work Here, Would You Come Here?" session. Excellent ideas on programming and book recommendations.

sarabethw: For a successful fundraiser, you must schmooze it. Ugh. I was afraid of that.

patoney: Note to speaker-sales pitch should come after your presentation

madarat: Hair up, glasses on, wearing scarf and carrying bag of books. Rocking the travel librarian-style.

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