February 16, 2018

Matthew Hamilton | Movers & Shakers 2010 – Tech Leaders

Library Journal March 15, 2010: Matthew Hamilton, Mover & Shaker

No Holding Back

The avid traveler was frustrated. She had road-tripped across the United States in her RV taking hundreds of photos, which she uploaded to her laptop. When her computer died, it trapped all of her images. She had no idea how to transfer her laptop’s contents—and all those pictures—to her external hard drive. She turned to the Boulder Public Library (BPL) for help. Twice a month it offers a Genius Bar–style program called “The Techie Is IN!” developed by library innovation and technology manager Matthew Hamilton, who, along with his staff, helps patrons with IT problems and training.

“She was so relieved and grateful that there was a place she could go in her community that would help her bridge the gap in her technology skills,” recalls Hamilton. “She returned several times to go more in-depth and is now back out there in her RV gathering those photos and stories, confident that she can preserve and share them.”

Six years ago, Hamilton was a security guard at the Norlin Library at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he earned his BA in political science in 2005. After subsequent roles at the library as an administrative assistant and a marketing coordinator and earning an MLIS degree, today he tries to promote transliteracy, or the ability to read, write, or otherwise communicate across different technological platforms. That traveler’s experience, he says, is “a good example of why I think the concept of transliteracy is so important for libraries to embrace—it’s an acknowledgment of our traditional role of supporting traditional literacy but extends it further for the new kinds of information needs that exist today and are developing for the future.”

Connecting these dots has paid off with patrons. “In the past year, Matthew has rallied minds, hearts, and curiosities not only in the Boulder area but throughout the country with his presentations…including at the American Library Association and Internet Librarian [conferences],” says nominator Tony Tallent, director of libraries and arts at BPL. “He has ideas, innovative notions, and he must share—simply must. There is no holding back the good stuff with Matthew.”


Matthew Hamilton, Boulder Public Library, CO

CURRENT POSITION Library Innovation & Technology Manager

DEGREE MLIS, Emporia State University, 2009

TWITTER FEED brewinlibrarian