February 16, 2018

Sarah Sogigian | Movers & Shakers 2010 – Marketers

Library Journal March 15, 2010: Sarah Sogigian, Mover & Shaker

Teen Queen

When Sarah Sogigian took the position of trainer and consultant for youth services at the Metrowest Massachusetts Regional Library System in 2007, she brought along her “never-ending positive attitude,” says Maureen Ambrosino, youth services consultant for the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System. "Her efforts are already making a difference." Her specialty? Coaching librarians to make teenagers feel comfortable.

Sogigian, who spent a college semester as an intern at Walt Disney World (“I rank my Ducktorate degree from Disney University right up there with my MLIS”), is a pro at that. Her home run initiatives include the Pop Culture for Libraries workshops, which get staffers hip to the things in which teens are interested. She’ll be coteaching a version for Simmons College, while also leading an American Library Association Pop Culture in Libraries discussion group. Her Freebies for Teens advises librarians on ways to get support from local businesses to supplement lean budgets. Meanwhile, Sogigian gets YAs fired up with programs like the Alex Rider Spy School, whose prizes include Skeleton Key lock boxes and advanced books, courtesy of Philomel.

A new project trains school librarians to lead workshops on databases for professional development credit. But Sogigian’s most popular offering is in general customer service training, which also focuses on weeding, planning, and collection development. Librarians love Customer Service: Teen Edition as well. Sogigian notes libraries tend to nurture young children, but the attention can fizzle once kids hit 12—something she is determined to change. “Why should we expect them to support libraries as adults, if we don’t support them as they grow up?” This teen queen knows the best way to reach her subjects.


Sarah Sogigian, Metrowest Massachusetts Regional Library System, Waltham

CURRENT POSITION Trainer/Consultant for Youth Services

DEGREE MLIS, University of Rhode Island, 2005

IN HER OFFICE Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker movie poster signed by the stars