February 16, 2018

Raphael Elected ALA President; Neal Elected Treasurer

By Norman Oder

Turnout percentage down to 20.01% from 23.41%; Margolis leads Council vote

The latest American Library Association (ALA) election, a low-turnout affair, turned out Molly Raphaelto be not so close at all, with public librarian Molly Raphael (right) besting school library media specialist Sara Kelly Johns by 5,857 to 4,399 votes, according to ALA.

Of 55,330 eligible voters, 11,069 (20.01%) voted, compared to 23.41% last year.

Raphael, former director of the Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR, and the District of Columbia Public Library, will become president-elect in June 2010, and will serve a year as president in June 2011, following the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. Johns, a stalwart among school libraries, serves grades 6-12 at Lake Placid Middle/High School, NY. (Here’s the April 1 LJ feature on the race.)

"Today, libraries face serious economic, political, social, and technological challenges," Raphael said. "ALA is the only organization that speaks for all libraries; therefore, I call on all those who work in, use, and support libraries to join together to ensure that the critical roles of libraries in our society are sustained."

Treasurer election
James Neal, VP for information services and university librarian at Columbia University, easily won election to treasurer, defeating Alan Kornblau, director of the Delray Beach Public Library, by 6,891 to 2,756 votes.

"It is a deep honor to be elected by the members of ALA to serve as treasurer over the next three years, and to have the opportunity to work with member leaders and outstanding staff to advance our professional aspirations and impact," Neal said.

Division, Sections, Round Tables
For election results, click here.

Council elections

The 34 winners in the Council election are listed below. Notable is the large vote, 28.8%, for New York State Librarian Bernie Margolis, who is battling blood cancer.

Ismail Abdullahi 1,739 18.4%

Gladys Smiley Bell 1,816 19.2%

Paula Brehm-Heeger 1,746 18.4%

Ann Crewdson 1,788 18.9%

Kelly Czarnecki 2,240 23.6%

Roberto C. Delgadillo 1,701 18.0%

Karen Downing 2,080 22.0%

Naphtali Faris 2,017 21.3%

Marianne Fues 1,781 18.8%

Loida Garcia-Febo 1,818 19.2%

Susan Gibbons 1,895 20.0%

Sol Gómez 1,976 20.9%

Janice Greenberg 1,979 20.9%

Romina Gutierrez 1,811 19.1%

Nann Blaine Hilyard 1,836 19.4%

Erlene Bishop Killeen 1,769 18.7%

Carla Land 1,841 19.4%

Dennis LeLoup 1,779 18.8%

Mary Mallory 1,857 19.6%

Bernard A. Margolis 2,731 28.8%

Lawrence McCrank 1,196 12.6%

Barbara Miller 1,738 18.3% (one-year term)

Carolyn Neal 1,824 19.2%

Michael Porter 1,780 18.8%

Lauren Pressley 1,967 20.8%

Cristina Ramirez 1,890 19.9%

Elizabeth Ridler 1,780 18.8%

Susan Roman 2,092 22.1%

Larry Romans 1,984 20.9%

Doc Roth 1,745 18.4%

Sarah Smith 1,756 18.5%

Patrick Sweeney 1,991 21.0%

Tom Wilding 1,805 19.0%

Amanda Williams 1,761 18.6%

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