February 17, 2018

Professional Media

By LJ Staff

Maatta, Stephanie L. A Few Good Books: Using Contemporary Readers’ Advisory Strategies To Connect Readers with Books. Neal-Schuman. 2009. c.400p. illus. index. ISBN 978-1-55570-669-2. $69.95. PRO MEDIA

Readers’ Advisory (RA) is more important than ever owing to the sheer volume of reading materials available, the wide range of formats, and the emerging technologies that have changed the way libraries and Readers’ Advisory work. According to Maatta (SLIS, Univ. of South Florida), "Reading is about the reader." Here she offers the ideal resource to help any readers’ advisor use the art of conversation to connect each reader to personally satisfying reads. This comprehensive and up-to-date guide is a treasure trove of practical advice and resources that will help make the RA experience even more effective and enjoyable. Written in an engaging style, the book has something to offer all librarians—from library school students to experienced RA staff, with four sections, covering the history of reading and RA, reaching today’s readers, the art and science of today’s RA, and enhancing the reading experience through events, resources, and more. In addition, the extensive appendixes are invaluable. VERDICT Highly recommended for all library schools and library staff.—Wendy Wendt, Grand Forks P.L., ND

Weideman, Melius. Website Visibility: The Theory and Practice of Improving Rankings. Chandos. 2009. 200p. illus. index. ISBN 978-1-84334-473-5. pap. $99.95. PRO MEDIA

Have you ever wondered why search engine results appear in a particular order or how to increase your web-site ranking in search engine results? Weideman (Head of Research Development, Cape Peninsula Univ. of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa) takes a fascinating look at the correlation among users, web pages, and search engine crawlers. Through clear and numerous examples that anyone, whether a novice or experienced web-site creator can understand, Weideman explains how both positive and negative aspects affect the visibility of a web site and provides practical guidelines for revamping a site to increase search engine optimization, or "SEO." VERDICT The numerous illustrations and extensive glossary are a plus. Comprehensive, well written, and engaging, this book is highly recommended for both experienced and new practitioners involved with web site creation or maintenance who would like to improve the search engine result rankings of a web site.—Susan E. Ketcham, Long Island Univ. Lib., Brentwood, NY

Diversity and Cultural Competency Training: Collections & RA

Do you want to ensure that your library’s collections are diverse, equitable, inclusive, and well-read?

Do you want to become a more culturally literate librarian and a more effective advocate for your community?

We've developed a foundational online course—with live sessions on February 28 & March 14—that will explore key concepts essential to cultivating and promoting inclusive and equitable collections.
Facts Matter: Information Literacy for the Real World
Libraries and news organizations are joining forces in a variety of ways to promote news literacy, create innovative community programming, and help patrons/students identify misinformation. This online course will teach you how to partner with local news organizations to promote news literacy through a range of programs—including a citizen journalism hub at your library.