April 21, 2018

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Free Library Value Videos

Nancy Dowd at New Jersey State Library is always up to great things. Today, looking through her blog — which you should follow, I see that she is offering up a number of videos to libraries. All focus on library value in tough economic times.  With serious budget fallout, this message needs to be heard […]

Passive Aggressive? Or Just Poorly Designed?

Signage comes up all the time in discussions of library dos and don’ts, and often plays a prominent role in consideration of good design and usability in libraries. Bad signage can contribute to bad design, even if only via what LJ User Experience columnist Aaron Schmidt calls "design by neglect" or "unintentional design." As a […]

OCLC Report Suggests Research Libraries Face Major Risks

By Norman Oder Some could be mitigated by cooperative action, but others require big changes Go back to the Academic Newswire for more stories Based on interviews with 15 directors New types of professionals needed Urgency of need to cooperate Not aimed to inform OCLC product strategy (but seems consonant) A new report, Research Libraries, […]

Professional Media

By LJ Staff Giesecke, Joan & Beth McNeil. Fundamentals of Library Supervision. 2d ed. ALA. 2010. 189p. bibliog. index. ISBN 978-0-8389-1016-0. pap. $55. It’s not unusual for librarians to be promoted into supervisory positions without the benefits of a role model, a good mentor, or even a halfway decent management class in graduate school. This […]

Periodicals Price Survey 2010: Seeking the New Normal

Budget strains force radical change The year 2009 will be remembered as one of angst, with the economy dominating news around the world. Few libraries were immune to the extraordinary financial pressures. The library marketplace by year’s end was in a weakened position, with prospects of a long recovery at best. Concern persists that even […]

ALA Voting Lags Somewhat; Polls Close April 23

By Norman Oder Not quite 15 percent of those eligible have voted; one week to go Voting has been slow in the online-only 2010 American Library Association (ALA) election, in which a new president, a new treasurer, and numerous Councilors at Large will be elected. As of the afternoon of April 13, out of 55,327 […]

Facebook Advertising

I’ll get off my Facebook theme here in a bit, but wanted to see if any of you have posted a Facebook ad? We did it as a trial effort a month ago and are BLOWN AWAY!! by the response. Facebook ads are so easy and cheap to do. And you can get as granular as […]

From SLJ: ALA Launches First National Bookmobile Day

By LJ Staff It’s today, part of National Library Week From School Library Journal: Sure, mobile outreach might sound like a cell phone app. But to many public and rural libraries, it often takes the form of a bookmobile—a mainstay of getting books and services to underserved readers. To celebrate these classics of library service, […]

Cincinnati Library Union Decertified By 66-50 Vote

By Norman Oder Union was established in 2006 after library cuts Reversal of 2006 vote Seniority and "bumping" an issue Only librarians involved After librarians of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County faced staff reductions in 2005, they agreed in early 2006 to join the Service Employees International Union, District 1199 (SEIU), by […]

What's Your Library's Facebook Policy?

Last week a fellow library marketer reached out to me to ask this question:  "Recently I discovered that a number of our branches have created their own Facebook pages. Does CML keep multiple pages, or just the one, central page? I’m inclined to think one page for the system is best, but I’d like to hear […]