March 17, 2018

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Kindles Get Accessible, But Will They Get Back on Campus?

The latest version of Amazon’s Kindle ereader was announced with much fanfare this week, and has generated discussion in the academic library world. Over at Inside Higher Ed, for example, there have been some interesting comments expressed on how Kindles might be used in academic libraries. One of the ereader’s newest features hasn’t been getting […]

Library Card Campaigns

This week I had a question from Greg Simpson at Houston Public Library, asking this: “Have you been involved in a library card campaign while at CML? If so, what was your budget for the campaign? I would appreciate any insight you could provide.” At my library we haven’t undertaken a deliberate library card campaign. […]

Why You Need a Marketing Plan

This article from ALA about marketing caught my eye. There are some good points in it, and yet it strikes me that it shows again that libraries have a long way to go in understanding marketing. First the good points: marketing needs a plan. Now that seems terribly self-evident to me, but maybe that isn’t so […]

Library to Twitter: It's Not You, It's Us

There’s a lot of social media love letters out there, but many fewer that start, “social media, we have to talk…” That’s why this Dear John Twitter letter caught my eye. Tongue firmly in cheek, Leigh Anne Vrabel of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh owns up to the fact that most of the people following […]

Ebook Sanity

By By Jason Griffey Treating the digital like the physical is insanity of the highest order. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: publishers that restrict content in an attempt to control it in the same way as they can control a print book are fighting a losing battle. Just look at the […]

It’s Fine To Drop Dewey

We think it’s good news that the Rangeview Library District, CO, is experimenting in one of its branches with an alternative to Dewey. MC: I started highlighting Dewey’s failings when I was helping build and open a new branch library. I asked the many contractors and vendors if they used the library. Many responded that […]

How Marketing Impacts Youth Services

The other day I had another of many insightful conversations with Kathy Shahbodaghi, our youth services administrator. I was touched by her thoughts about the future of libraries and the role marketing plays there. I dragged her into the Bubble Room for this interview.

Library Marketers — We're Not Alone!

An email alert about a new publication focused on library management caught my eye — Library Management Today. Immediately I saw a tab for “library marketing and promotion.” Hallelujah! I found words to soothe my soul. While the subject is academic libraries (Marketing Academic Libraries in the 21st Century: “More than Google!” by Shawn Hartman), […]

Why Marketing Matters Now More than Ever

I’m a true believer in libraries as the great democratic equalizer. But I also understand that the world is a heck of a lot different from the time when I first got a library card, and today there are no sacred cows. That includes libraries. So we live in a time when the question, “Are […]