March 17, 2018

A Few More Bumps in the Road, but Chattanooga's Almost Live with OCLC's New ILS

On July 15, the staff at the Lupton Library at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) announced their goal to be the first to migrate to OCLC’s cloud-based integrated library system Web-scale Management Services (WMS), with a go-live date of August 30.

Are they there yet? Not quite. Last night, UTC’s head of library technology Jason Griffey wrote, in a post on his Pattern Recognition blog, that the library is “so close that we can almost touch it.”

Back on August 20, the library missed its self-imposed deadline for a “soft” launch of WMS, which would have included check-in and check-out capability. Griffey, in a blog post, cited necessary last-minute spot-checks and other issues.

As of last night, Griffey wrote, a backlog of circulation data, acquisition workflow issues, and a display problem with WorldCat Local (which is used as the discovery layer of WMS), are among the last remaining obstacles.

“Are we ‘live’ with WMS? At this point, for my purposes, we are,” Griffey asserted. He pointed out, for example, that WorldCat Local, using WMS data, is already being used by patrons. (A beta version of the UTC catalog can be seen here.) He then added: “Are we as live as I’d hoped? Honestly, no, we’re not. But as my Dean keeps reminding me: it’s not about us, it’s about the patrons.”

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