February 16, 2018

Archives for October 2010

UC Libraries Hits 3 Million Book Scan Milestone

The Mass Digitization Team at the University of California’s (UC) California Digital Library passed an impressive milestone this week: the digitization of three million books from the UC collections. This includes materials housed in UC’s massive Northern Regional Library Facility and in the libraries of UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC Santa Cruz. UC’s mass […]

Countdown to Election Day

I’m sure many of you are on the ballot in the next couple of days. And there is nothing more of a marketing challenge than a campaign. The need for simplicity, transparency and cogent argument is all pervasive.  I’m sure that those of you who have been through a campaign know exactly what I’m talking […]

NCSU To Develop Design Guidelines for Learning Environments

By David Rapp Academic librarians nationwide will soon be able to look to North Carolina State University (NCSU) for detailed insight into designing and building different types of “next-generation” library learning environments. NCSU Libraries will partner with the university’s Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) unit and the design consultancy DEGW to put together […]

Aurora's Police Law Is a Nightmare for Library

Since 1993, Aurora, CO, has had an unusual law: For every 1,000 residents the city must have two sworn, uniformed police officers. At last count, the city’s population was approaching 325,000, which means this year the city will hire 13 more police officers, at a cost of  $1.1 million, to ensure the police force meets […]

Reading: Outmoded or a la Mode? | Peer to Peer Review

By Barbara Fister, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN A colleague and I decided to find out I was delighted when College & Research Libraries started offering preprints of accepted articles. It always makes me feel in the loop and at the cutting edge to see papers in the raw, months before they appear in […]

The Wall Street Journal Thinks Small on Libraries

The Wall Street Journal ran a story yesterday with a rather dire title: “New Library Technologies Dispense With Librarians.” The story itself, however, is far more low-key: it addresses the self-service trend at libraries—specifically, how a relatively small number of libraries have begun using library vending machines, where patrons can pick up their own books. […]

Best Sellers in Geology

By Bette-Lee Fox January 2010 to date as identified by YBP Library Services 1) Barnum Brown: The Man Who Discovered Tyrannosaurus Rex Dingus, Lowell University of California Press 2010. ISBN 9780520252646. $29.95 2) Planetary Tectonics Watters, Thomas R. Cambridge University Press 2010. ISBN 9780521765732. $140 3) The Second Jurassic Dinosaur Rush: Museums and Paleontology in […]

How Positioning Pays Off

Like a fair number of libraries, a week from today (Election Day!) we will hear from our voters whether or not they believe in the ideal and value of libraries (known to us as Issue 4).  Later this week I’ll share with you some of the materials and positioning we have done around this election. For now, […]

7 Lessons Learned in Less Than a Minute #5

Here’s lesson number 5, in less than sixty seconds. This one is all about Focus. Enjoy!

Brother, Can You Spare Some Change? | Peer to Peer Review

By Barbara Fister, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN Open access requires serious investment, especially in hard times This week our Interlibrary Loan manager notified a student that an article he had requested was open access, and she provided him the link. He didn’t read the email message carefully (hardly unusual for our students) and […]