March 20, 2018

Archives for November 2010

Hottest Social Media Trends

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available and it is vitial to stay current on trends. Just before Thanksgiving I attended a meeting of my local Social Media Club chapter for a presentation on this topic. Here’s what was covered. 1. QR Codes. QR codes stand for Quick Response code; Wikipedia […]

ARL Criticizes Copyright Clearance Center's Role in GSU E-Reserves Case

Andrew Albanese over at Publishers Weekly recently covered the latest back and forth between the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) relating to the Georgia State E-Reserves case. According to the story, ARL director Charles Lowry has written a letter criticizing the CCC for funding 50% of the plaintiffs’ litigation […]

Help in Positioning Libraries

Probably the most important thing that marketing does is position a product in the eye of the consumer.  Urban Libraries Council just released a report that I want to be sure you see. It presents a cogent, well presented positioning statement for libraries. The report is called:  Partners for the Future: Libraries and Local Governments […]

7 Lessons Learned in Less Than a Minute #7

The last and final lesson learned in my time of marketing in libraries. This one is all about keeping yourself professional connected. Enjoy!

HathiTrust Partners with LC, MIT, and Many More

Research libraries have lately been lining up to partner with the digital repository HathiTrust. Just this week, HathiTrust announced new partnerships with the Library of Congress (LC), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Arizona State University and Baylor University. Add to that list the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain, HathiTrust’s first partner […]

At DI Greenville, SC, Green Is a Given

Among the topics of discussion at LJ‘s latest Design Institute (DI), a daylong seminar on building and design hosted at the Hughes Main Library of the Greenville County Library System (GCLS) in early November, were the challenges of urban vs. rural development and of responding to changing user needs. The event was the eighth in […]

The Visibility and Invisibility of Librarians

To deliver a user experience that really has meaning, librarians must provide deeply personal and private value, as well as demonstrate larger social need. There is much labor to be done at both ends of this continuum. But first, we ought to lay out all the dimensions of ‘reference user experience.’ Let’s describe the first […]

Why I Don’t Use Libraries for Reference Anymore

I began using public libraries decades ago, when the ‘People’s University’ ethos was stronger and truer. I’ve reluctantly let go of that notion. Experience has taught me not to pursue interests at libraries that extend beyond light entertainment. You see, even though there are 26 libraries within a ten-mile radius of my home (13 public, […]

Fish Market 101: Why Not a Reference User Experience?

People come to the desk to ask a question. They get an answer or referral. They go away. It sounds rather mundane and routine, which is why it’s called a reference transaction. What if it were considered a reference user experience? Is such a thing even possible? The Reference User Experience Fish Market 101: Why […]

Imagination, Sympathy, and the User Experience

When given the topic ‘the user experience,’ I assumed there must be an entire discipline and literature devoted to it. Being a well-trained reference librarian with all the resources of a large research library at my disposal, I naturally turned to Wikipedia, where I discovered that there are some excellent principles in the user experience […]