April 24, 2018

ARL Criticizes Copyright Clearance Center's Role in GSU E-Reserves Case

Andrew Albanese over at Publishers Weekly recently covered the latest back and forth between the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) relating to the Georgia State E-Reserves case.

According to the story, ARL director Charles Lowry has written a letter criticizing the CCC for funding 50% of the plaintiffs’ litigation costs (see original report on the suit for all the parties involved):

While Lowry conceded that “balancing the interests” of publishers and users “can be a challenging task,” he suggested that CCC, given its central role as a facilitator, should support “collaboration,” rather than litigation. “This action by the CCC signals to the content user community that the CCC no longer seeks to serve the interests of all of the partners in the scholarly communications enterprise.” Lowry urged the CCC to “reconsider its role in funding the litigation going forward.”

Lowry’s comments echo and amplifying similar comments made by Library Law blogger Peter Hirtle back in October, when the latest ruling in the case was made.

Responding to Hirtle, CCC told LJ at the time, “yes, CCC supported this case as we firmly stand behind the principles of copyright. This is a case which sought no monetary damages, but rather a ruling on the principles in an attempt to further clarify the balance around Fair Use.”

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