February 17, 2018

Archives for November 2010

LJ's Directors' Summit: Funding the Future Through Marketing

Have you registered yet for LJ’s Directors’ Summit 2010? This year’s Summit builds on last year’s (which focused on fundraising) and takes that to the next level:  Funding the Future Through Marketing. You don’t want to miss it! Great speakers and a commitment to make every minute of the Summit count. There’s also a robust opportunity around […]

How To Get Library Ebooks on the iPad/iPhone, No Sync Required

The day that library patrons can download and read a library ebook directly on a mobile device will be the day I can die happy. We’re not there yet, but the release of the Bluefire app for iPad/iPhone comes closer than ever before.

Steven MacCall | LJ Teaching Award Winner 2010

An innovator who inspires in an engaged, synchronous online environment ‘He transforms what could be a cold and impersonal experience into one that is filled with enthusiasm, humor, and intellectual rigor, possibly even transcending an on-campus experience.’ That description of Steven L. MacCall’s online teaching comes from the student nomination that earned him the 2010 […]

Corner Office Interview: Gates Foundation’s Deborah Jacobs

Just over two years into her role as Global Libraries director for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jacobs reflects on the global library landscape U.S. libraries gave the world a top talent when Deborah Jacobs left her transformational role as City Librarian of Seattle in 2008 to head the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s […]

Open Data, Open Minds Highlight SPARC Digital Repository Meeting

By David Rapp The 2010 SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition) Digital Repositories Meeting this week managed to combine serious talk about the challenges of open data, examining both successes and failures, with an efficient and informative showcase, the Innovation Fair, featuring rapid-fire presentations of tools and services from institutional repositories (IR). Held in […]

Voters Say 'Yes' to Libraries, Elected Officials Say 'No'

The recent elections prove once again that libraries have nothing to fear from direct democracy. It’s the representational form of government that causes problems. Time after time, given the opportunity to participate directly, the vast majority of citizens will vote to raise their taxes in the name of libraries. The voters insistently send the message […]

Online Learning: The Answer For What Ails Higher Ed | From the Bell Tower

By Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Like it or not, we academic librarians need to rethink the negative perceptions we have of online learners To read some of the latest news coming out of higher education, one might come to the conclusion that students are bored, uninspired, and that the 20th […]

Problematizing Patron-Driven Acquisitions | Peer to Peer Review

Okay, this is going to make me unpopular: I think patron-driven ebook acquisitions for an academic library is a terrible idea. There, I said it. I may have to eat my words. I sometimes balk at trends, only to change my mind. I thought patron tagging in online catalogs was a silly notion. I didn’t […]

7 Lessons Learned in Less Than a Minute #6

Now that the ELECTION is over (!) I can think about something else. Like finishing off my series of seven lessons learned, all in less than a minute. Here’s lesson number 6:  Stay True to Your Core.

Issue 4 Passes!

Ohio libraries fared well at the polls this week, including my own Issue 4, Columbus Metropolitan Library’s levy. We won by 66% of the vote, a 2-to-1 margin; Issue 4 won in 591 of 619 precincts or 126 of 128 wards (in one of those wards we lost by ONE vote!) Congratulations to all the […]