April 24, 2018

Archives for January 2011

The Loneliness of the Long-distance Library Marketer

Calling all library marketers! Help me address this need. When I wrote about the not-tobe-missed LJ Directors Summit last December — the one focused on marketing — I received this email: “Thank you for sharing recaps from the LJ Directors Summit! I was scheduled to attend but, to my great dismay, I was unable to […]

Our Zero-Carbon Campaign | BackTalk

We have a responsibility to make carbon reduction part of our mutual mission I WAS AT New Zealand’s ­annual library conference, ­LIANZA, held in late 2010 in Dunedin, and had an epiphany. After delivering my talk, “Working (Not Washing) Green into Your Library’s Mission,” which I sincerely thought was “on the edge” (the conference theme), […]

Listening to the British and Mozart

I want to talk to you about the British, Mozart, and the war on libraries. First, the British. They have an undeniable panache for democracy. We’ve all seen the broadcasts from the well of the House of Commons where the Prime Minister has to actually think on his feet, responding to challenging queries from the […]

New Ebook Platforms Target the Scholarly Monograph

A number of projects are nearing fruition whose goal is to ensure that scholarly books and university presses are not left behind by the ebook market, and academic librarians are watching the efforts with eagerness and interest. The University Press E-Book Consortium (UPeC), Oxford’s University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO), Books at JSTOR, and Project Muse […]

What Do We Do Now? | From the Bell Tower

Every so often a new development so shakes the foundations of higher education that it absolutely demands our attention. Some “wake-up call” news that made headlines last week fills the bill. How big was this news? Well, it’s sort of like when both Time and Newsweek had Bruce Springsteen on their covers—the same week! That […]

OSU's Book Genie: Open-Source Bound

During the LITA Mobile Computing Interest Group meeting at the ALA Midwinter, Oregon State University (OSU) Libraries’ director of emerging technology and services Evviva Weinraub and graduate student services coordinator Hannah Gascho Rempel unveiled a simple but effective website accessible on web browsers, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, called the Book Genie. The site can […]

DBW Library-Publisher Panel Makes the Case for Ebook Lending

Picking up where Jane Friedman, publisher of Open Road Integrated Media, left off yesterday at Digital Book World, when she urged publishers to broaden the participation of libraries in the distribution of ebooks, LJ’s Josh Hadro moderated a panel today that helped publishers understand why, and how, that must be accomplished. “Consumers and library patrons […]


  OCLC has just released Perceptions of Libraries, 2010: Context and Community. Their 2005 Perception Study changed everything. It officially put libraries on notice that we had to adapt and change. At my library we revolutionized ourselves based on this notion from that study: that the public prefers speed over accuracy. In this kind of […]

Trends, Trends, Trends

With every new year, everyone and their brother compiles a list of trends. No professional area promises a more rapid-fire evolution of trends than marketing. For example, I’ve included here a photo I took in the women’s restroom in the Atlanta airport. We were returning from Thanksgiving in Rome, and when I went to “freshen […]

The WHY of Your Brand | From the Bell Tower

When it comes to branding yourself or your library, consider starting with the WHY This was a rather different ALA conference for me. I typically attend a few committee/business meetings, but the bulk of my activity consists of discussion and interest group sessions, a few of the more formal programs featuring invited speakers, and at […]