March 16, 2018

Cindi Trainor | Movers & Shakers 2011 – Tech Leaders

Library Journal March 15, 2011: Cindi Trainor , Mover & Shaker

Giddy for UX

Cindi Trainor loves to figure things out, especially things that will help library users. That’s one reason she has worked to bring user-experience (UX) design concepts to online services at Eastern Kentucky University Libraries, where she is the coordinator of the Library Technology and Data Services Division.

“I get giddy when given the opportunity to knock down barriers and make things work better,” Trainor says.

That passion puts students first, says nominator John Blyberg, assistant director for innovation and UX at the Darien Library, CT. “She has introduced an emerging trend in public libraries—UX design—to the academic environment,” says Blyberg. “She has done so by valuing inclusion, compromise, and, above all, students’ ability to access the information they need with ease.”

This team structure fostered fresh collaboration as it kept student needs front and center in the development of the new library website. It also worked out best practices for the invention and maintenance of LibGuides, “living” online instructional documents that get continual update as needed.

Blyberg and Trainor were on the Top Technology Trends panel at the American Library Association Annual conference in June 2010 and copresented on the concept of UX at Internet Librarian in October 2010. Trainor also contributes regularly to the American Library Association’s (ALA) TechSource blog, as well as posts on her personal blog, A respected photographer, her work has been published in the New York Times as well as on various library blogs and ­websites.

Trainor credits her own success as a librarian to supportive library leadership and staff who aren’t afraid to take risks, especially if it means improving service to library stakeholders.

That attitude extends to services to fellow librarians as well. At last year’s LITA annual and midwinter meetings, Trainor was a vital part of helping move the Top Technology Trends panel to be more inclusively virtual, with streaming, live blogging, and real-time interaction, says Jason Griffey, a 2009 Mover & Shaker who serves on LITA’s Board of Directors with Trainor. She also helped Griffey produce an interview with award-winning sf author and retired computer scientist professor Vernor Vinge at ALA’s Midwinter Meeting this past January.

“I choose to work with Cindi on projects because she pays attention, more than anything, to what patrons actually want and how they are interested in interacting with the library,” Griffey says.


Cindi Trainor, Eastern Kentucky University Libraries, Richmond

CURRENT POSITION Coordinator of Library Technology and Data Services Division

DEGREE University of Kentucky, 1992

PERSONAL GOAL Continuing to push the envelope

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