February 17, 2018

Colorado Publishers Association, Douglas County Libraries Make Ebook Model Official

The Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA) and the Douglas County Libraries have signed an agreement by which the association will sell ebooks to the library and the library will house the files on their own servers and be responsible for digital rights management. The program was first announced in March (see LJ‘s full coverage here), but the contract was only just signed on May 19.

James LaRue, Director of the Douglas County Libraries, commented in an association press release that “Connecting writers and readers is what we do best, through our two million visitors a year to our facilities and another two million through our catalog. This project will demonstrate not only that libraries are firm supporters of the independent publishers through our willingness to buy and promote their works, but also that libraries and publishers can help each other grow the still-developing eBook market.”

The contract, according to the ALA’s Presidential Task Force on Equitable Access to Electronic Content, also calls for the following:

  • DCL agrees to buy one copy for each simultaneous use of a title.
  • CIPA will encourage  its members sell books to the library at the lowest retail rate.
  • CIPA will offer their finest selections – including their CIPA EVVY Award winners – for this agreement.
  • DCL agrees not to resell or transfer the files purchased under this agreement.
  • CIPA members agree to sell their books to library patrons at the same price as paid by the library.
  • DCL agrees to offer a link to the purchase of CIPA member titles through the catalog.
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Michael Kelley (mkelley@mediasourceinc.com) is the former Editor-in-Chief, Library Journal.



  1. Hi-

    I attended the CIPA meeting on May 21 but I did not fully unerstand the setup.

    I have written my autobiography, “Struggles, Service, & Smile”. It is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble “nook”. The book copy should be printed by Outskirts Press by the end of June.

    Do I get the print copy to you directly or do I go through CIPA? Do you download the e-book from Amazon Kendle?

    Naturally, as an author I want to get the book out as soon as possible but within your parameters.

    You folks did a great job putting this together.

    Bob Wiley