April 20, 2018

Just a Quick Share

Probably every public library has a Summer Reading Club. They are the bread and butter of these great institutions; ours is 74 years old! Like many of you we have a new theme each year, but this year’s theme is (imho) the best ever: Be a Hero. Read.

As part of our publicity strategy, we created 21 videos of community heroes talking about the importance of books and reading. The cost was only staff time, and everyone we asked — from the mayor to CEOs to international personalities — said yes.

I’m so proud of these and wanted to share them with you. Nothing fancy. Just great people sharing with kids the value of reading. Of course, the important part of the strategy is getting others to share these links, and we’ve aggressively worked to make sure that each contributor shared their video with someone outside our usual network, expanding the reach.

Also noteworthy: this is the first time that all the branch decorations were created by the marketing department and not made by branch staff. We’ve reached the point where staff understand that a unified and branded experience is what’s great for the customer because they (the customer) understand what they are presented with when they’ve seen the same message repeatedly. We always say it takes six times for someone to understand a message. If, each time they enter a branch they see something different, then they aren’t getting the message. Overall result has been a big success.

Alison Circle About Alison Circle

Alison Circle is director of marketing communications for Columbus Metropolitan Library. Previously she was an Account Director at Jack Morton Worldwide, a global branding agency, and her primary client was Target Stores. Prior to that she was the National Marketing Director for Minnesota Public Radio and "A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor." She has advanced degrees in English and Fine Arts, and is a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts grant.