May 26, 2018

A Day's Work and Then Some: DuPage Library System Cites LJ's Mike Kelley for Excellence in Journalism

We here in the LJ newsroom are a fortunate bunch: It’s our job to dig into the stories that matter to our librarian friends and colleagues, and then shape them in print and online to convey the details more broadly.

But just because it’s a job doesn’t mean recognition isn’t nice.

That’s why I was pretty jazzed to see a note from the DuPage Library System (DLS)  recognizing my LJ colleague Michael Kelley for “Excellence in Investigative Journalism.”

He’s diligently covered the troubled Illinois library systems, including three well-done stories cited in DLS’s note (also mentioning that these were among the first major stories Mike covered for LJ):

For National News:

Michael Kelley, Library Journal

Michael Kelley, formerly of the New York Times, joined Library Journal in October 2010. He quickly investigated the breaking news about Illinois library systems in “Illinois’s Regional Library Systems Gasping for Air.” Kelley takes writing about libraries and the current fiscal crisis to new levels with his in-depth reporting. He secures the facts and interviews key sources at length for articles such as “Libraries in Illinois Rethink Key Statewide Infrastructure” and A Reprieve for Illinois’s Regional Library Systems.

(sadly, there’s no link to this story from DLS up online yet, as far as I can tell.)

The library system–admittedly, an interested party in the output of all these journalists–also cited three others:

  • For Regional News: Joseph Ruzich, freelance, Chicago Tribune
  • For Local News: Brenda Schory, Kane County Chronicle
  • For Contribution to Blogging: Sean O’Connor,

Unbeknownst to anyone here, the library board considered a motion to approve the award on March 17th according to the minutes of that meeting (coincidentally at the  same meeting where executive director Tom Sloan “brought to the board’s attention the issue of circulation limits being placed on some e-books and encouraged board members to read the articles”).

As noted in the minutes, “[t]he motion carried.” I admit, we didn’t hoist Mike up on our shoulders and carry him around the LJ newsroom when we heard the news, but we did offer a hearty round of congrats.

So kudos to Mike! And now, back to the newsroom, and on to the next story.

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Josh Hadro (@hadro on Twitter) is the former Executive Editor of Library Journal.