February 16, 2018

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Changing Spaces: Exploring Future User Needs, Sustainability, and Value | Library by Design

LJ’s ninth Design Institute in Minneapolis took a look at the evolving role of library as a community center. Library Journal ’s ninth Design Institute, held May 10, 2011, at the Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis (and preceded by a tour of libraries on May 9), revolved around the idea that libraries’ role as a […]

Happy Birthday, LJ!

Today LJ turns 135, no mean feat. I’m sitting here with the yellowed, rather crumbly Vol. 1, No. 1, dated September 30, 1876. For that one year only, it was the American Library Journal, cofounded by Melvil Dewey (yes, that Dewey). It was also the Official Organ of the American Library Association (until 1906), also […]

Nine "Beta Sprint" Proposals To Be Featured at Digital Public Library of America Meeting

The steering committee for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) announced today that it has invited the creators of nine project proposals to present their work at the DPLA’s upcoming plenary meeting, scheduled for October 21 in Washington, DC (which LJ will be attending and covering). The proposals were submitted as part of the […]

Academic Librarians Are Grassroots Campus Leaders, Too | From the Bell Tower

You are probably familiar with the phrase “Every librarian a leader.” A search on the phrase indicates it’s commonly used to share the idea that in order to propel this profession forward, we need to take the initiative when we see opportunities to create change in our organizations. I’d like to take that concept even […]

What Do We Want? Change! When Do We Want It? Yesterday | Peer to Peer Review

An article this week in Inside Higher Ed about a dispute at a private church-related university over the termination of some long-term library staff members kicked off some interesting discussions about leadership, professional development, and the perils of reorganization. I’ve weighed in with my own argument – that library staff are capable of learning new […]

Kindle Library Lending: A Triumph of Practicality Over Principles

The lending of library ebooks through the Amazon Kindle will likely expose the growing hollowness of some core principles of librarianship. Here are two extracts from September 22 draft documents that the ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy E-book Task Force has begun circulating about ebooks: ALA policies apply fully to e-books, including those that […]

IMLS Announces National Leadership Grants

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced today, September 27, 48 awards totaling $14,661,217 matched with $12,929,824 of non-federal funds for National Leadership Grants. IMLS received 210 applications requesting $80,179,046 in funds. Among the larger, library-related grants were: Northern Illinois University Libraries – DeKalb, IL Grant Category: Advancing Digital Award Amount: $575,000; Matching […]

Credo and Crowley Announce New Hires

Two companies that offer different services to the library community—online reference library company Credo Reference and scanning equipment maker and service provider The Crowley Company—announced new personnel this week. Credo Reference reported that John Shawler will be the new solutions analyst in the company’s Boston office, working directly with Credo Reference libraries. He holds a […]

Don't Miss: EBook Virtual Summit

Join me for LJ’s  Summit: Ebooks: The New Normal. Held October 12, you’ll be able to participate from your desktop, so you’ve no excuses. And trust me, there is nothing more pressing around marketing for libraries than this issue. This week I was off-site for two and a half days at a leadership conference. People […]

Libraries, Ian Rankin, and the Mystery of the Edinburgh Paper Sculptures

Since March a number of intricate and mysterious paper sculptures shaped from books have been left at literary spots across the city of Edinburgh. So far, the sculptures have been left at the Scottish Poetry Library, the National Library of Scotland, the Filmhouse, the Scottish Storytelling Centre, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and the Edinburgh […]