February 17, 2018

Archives for September 2011

New York City Libraries Forgive Fines for Patrons 17 and Under

New York City’s three library systems are forgiving late penalties for patrons 17 and under as part of the “New Chapter” program which will run until October 31. The Brooklyn Public Library, the New York Public Library, and the Queens Library launched the program today, September 22. It is designed to encourage children and teens […]

OverDrive Video Illustrates Kindle Download

On its digital library blog, OverDrive has posted the following video that explains how to get library ebooks onto Amazon’s Kindle. The Kindle officially became compatible on Wednesday, September 22, with most of the ebooks that are available through a library’s OverDrive collection.

Our Worst Nightmare – The End of Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth | From the Bell Tower

In a recent meeting with colleagues from other academic and research libraries the conversation turned to data management in general and the recent NSF proposal changes in specific that require data management plans that indicate how the researcher intends to store and make accessible data collected in fulfilling the grant. No one present had worked […]

If It’s E, It Leads | Peer to Peer Review

My father wrote the book on news editing-literally. He started his journalism career at a small town weekly in North Dakota, where he got a job as a printer’s devil at age 12, becoming a reporter, editor, and salesman before he left for college. After J-school he worked in the newsroom of the Providence Journal […]

Join Me: LJ's eBook Summit

Don’t miss the upcoming LJ eBook Summit: eBooks The New Normal on Wednesday, October 12. It promises to be a full day of intriguing ideas that you won’t want to miss. I’m looking forward to my panel: The Ebook Evolution: How They’ll Change Public Libraries As ebooks catch fire with public library patrons librarians are poised to […]

Uni Project's Portable Reading Room To Appear at Brooklyn Book Festival

On September 11, the Uni Project put up its portable, open-air reading room at New Amsterdam Market in lower Manhattan. It was the first time the experimental modular structure had been put into service in public. (A Flickr slideshow is available here.) The Uni Project is funded by an MIT HASS grant and $20,000 in […]

“Annoyed” Strikes Again | Editorial

THERE WAS JOY IN SOME QUARTERS OF LIBRARYLAND in late August when LJ’s Annoyed Librarian (AL) blog went down for a day and then briefly several more times in the next few days owing to a technical glitch. The jubilation came from another group of annoyed librarians, those riled by AL’s post “The Last Perk […]

The Role of Mentoring | Office Hours

Having a strong mentor during your first few years as a librarian can provide a safety net of advice, encouragement, and caution for a newly minted professional. Such a relationship would be even better if it began during LIS education. This would also serve to diminish the perceived divide between practice and library schools. In […]

Goodreads Launches Book Recommendation Feature

Goodreads, the largest social networking site for readers, launched its new recommendation engine today, which draws on ratings made by its nearly six million members on the 190 million books in its database. In March 2011, Goodreads bought the smaller site Discovereads to obtain its recommendation algorithm, which forms the basis of Goodreads’ recommendation engine. […]

A Whole Systems Approach: Integrated Building Design

What if I told you there was a potentially smarter, better, and faster way to build a new library—a process that could maximize innovation and deliver on long-term sustainability goals? Sounds pretty good, right? What if the same process could possibly decrease the cost of your project? Integrated Building Design is such a process. As library […]