February 16, 2018

Archives for October 2011

Marketing Academic Libraries: And Publics Can Learn, Too

In theory, marketing academic and public libraries should be basically the same. Sure the attributes differ, but the basic approach is probably the same. Even so, I know from hearing from many of you, that challenges at academic libraries can be great due to deeper entrenchment of the way things are. I’ve been working with […]

NYPL Shows How to Carve a Library Lion Into a Halloween Pumpkin

In case you ever want to carve a library lion into your Halloween pumpkin, the New York Public Library shows you how in this video.

Major Salt Lake City Newspaper Editorial Critical of Library Leadership

The Salt Lake Tribune, the largest newspaper in Salt Lake City, published an editorial on October 22 entitled “Library’s Faults Are at the Top,” which says in part that “Library Director Beth Elder has clearly lost the confidence of her own staff, professionals and volunteers.” Elder’s tenure at the library has been tumultuous as LJ […]

They Really, Really Like Us | From the Bell Tower

Sometimes we academic librarians get down on ourselves. We may think our future outlook is bleak. We may even think we’re facing an imminent crisis. We may believe that it’s because no one appreciates what we do—or even knows what we do, for that matter. There’s a popular phrase attributed to the actress Sally Field: […]

Why the Occupy Wall Street Movement Has Libraries | Peer to Peer Review

In the first news stories, the fact that Occupy Wall Street had a library seemed a bit whimsical, sort of like that iconic photo of a dancer perched on the back of the equally iconic statue of a charging bull. How funny! A library for a group that has no leaders and no rules? It […]

IMLS Announces National Medal Winners

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) has selected five libraries and five museums to receive the 2011 National Medal for Museum and Library Service. The award is the country’s highest honor for museums and libraries, and it recognizes recipients who demonstrate innovative approaches to public service and community outreach, as well as “extraordinary civic, […]

31 Regional Coordinators Protest FDLP Decisions

Thirty-one of the 47 regional coordinators at regional depository libraries around the country wrote a letter October 19 to the public printer at the Government Printing Office in Washington D.C. to protest recent decisions regarding the Federal Depository Library Program. In addition, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), a consortium of the Big Ten member […]

Open Excess | Peer to Peer Review

Another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. At my library we are going to have to find ways to patch a big hole in our budget caused by two expensive journal packages – SAGE and ACS Journals – jumping in price yet again. This happens usually without warning in the middle of an academic year, […]

The British Library and the Lure of Amazon

The British Library does not seem quite so placidly assured these days, as the confusion and upset over its expanding relationship with Amazon shows. The dispute will likely repeat itself here at some point in the not too distant future, as more public libraries decide that it has suddenly become a part of their mission […]

Avoiding the Literacy Sophomore Slump | From the Bell Tower

It is widely accepted that the hardest year in almost any endeavor is the second one. Things often get off to a gangbusters start, accompanied by a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. Following up that initial success with equal or greater levels of achievement is a challenge that confronts individuals and organizations across many […]