April 21, 2018

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Is Advertising Dead?

I’ve pretty much given up all my advertising dollars. Measuring the value and impact of  advertising is a challenge, and — in today’s world — a narrowcast message is cheaper and more impactful than a broadcast one. Not to mention that our local daily newspaper is reformatting itself down to a tabloid size from a  classic […]

The Whole Story: There’s Way More to LJ Than What’s on Paper | Editorial

If you’re reading this in print and only in print, you may not realize it, but you’re not getting everything that Library Journal has to offer.

UPDATED: Toronto Library, Union Reach Deal

(This story has updated to report that the deal was approved and to provide details of the agreement.) Toronto Public Library workers and the Toronto Library Board voted on March 29 on a tentative settlement, according to The Star. The contract was approved, according to CBC News, and workers returned to work the following morning. […]

Astor Settlement Benefits NYPL

The five year dispute over the estate of Brooke Astor has been settled, according to the Wall Street Journal. Among the beneficiaries will be the New York Public Library (NYPL), to the tune of about $15 million. Westchester County Surrogate Judge Anthony Scarpino signed the agreement on March 28, and State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman […]

Embracing Chaos | Office Hours

In Cognitive Surplus , Clay Shirky explores three ways that society might approach incorporating and adopting emerging technologies. The scenarios include “traditionalist approval,” “negotiated transition,” and “as much chaos as we can stand.” All could easily apply to how libraries, information centers, and educational institutions might respond to emerging technologies as well.

The Two Cultures | Peer to Peer Review

In his 1959 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University, C.P. Snow famously described what he termed the “two cultures” operating in contemporary Britain: that of scientists and that of “literary intellectuals.” Literary intellectuals were part of traditional culture, which was woefully ignorant of modern science. Snow wrote, “If the scientists have the future in their bones, […]

What’s Hot in Academic Articles

Ex Libris Group, a library technology company, released bX Hot Articles on March 28. Part of the recently launched bX usage-based suite of services, Hot Articles identifies the 10 articles that researchers have selected the most in each discipline in recent weeks, as well as the 10 most popular articles overall. Usage data is gathered […]

We Can All Learn More about Leadership | Leading From the Library

We are inundated with leadership advice, yet academic librarians demonstrate a desire to learn more about it. With a new occasional column, Steven Bell offers his perspectives on what the best leaders need to learn. When it comes to leadership there are two kinds of academic librarians. The first group is passionate about leadership. They […]

Automation Marketplace 2012: Agents of Change

As development efforts near completion on a new slate of automation products, vendors are beginning to pull out all the stops to monetize them. A new round of competition is heating up to place these new products in libraries, replacing their own legacy products and aiming to displace those of other companies.

Library of Congress Seeks Feedback from Users of Bibliographic and Cataloging Products

The Library of Congress is soliciting help in a survey of bibliographic and cataloging products. The survey is to determine the value and use of the products.