March 16, 2018

Andrea Davis | Movers & Shakers 2012 — Advocates

Traditional & Radical

Andrea Davis Movers & Shakers 2012


Reference & Instruction Librarian
Dudley Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

MLIS, Graduate School of Library & Information Science Simmons College, Boston, 2010

Detail Matters
The Federal Library & Information Network

Photo ©Sean McGinty Photography LLC


In 2010, Andrea Davis joined the Naval Postgraduate School’s Dudley Knox Library as reference and instruction librarian—a traditional role at a traditional institution. Yet Davis is determined to push the envelope on the role libraries can play in a democratic society—and share that with other fields.

That’s why in 2010 she also signed on to be the volunteer liaison for the Interactive Panel at the South by Southwest (SXSW) technology conference. Since then, she has organized the Facebook group #sxswLAM (Libraries, Archives, Museums), where in 2011 she put out a call for librarians to post their ideas for 2012 SXSW panel presentations, get feedback from their colleagues, and refine them.

“This year we have an unprecedented acceptance of seven proposals out of the 22 submitted. [There were 3000 altogether],” says Myrna Morales, resource center coordinator at Community Change, Inc., who helped aggregate and post the proposals.

“I get fired up about sharing the success stories and battles of libraries beyond the library echo chamber,” says Davis, who is also involved in the American Library Association’s ThinkTank and the federal library–oriented NewFeds.
Davis says there’s “a wildly successful grassroots fundraising effort, led by John Chrastka, to help fund marketing materials” so librarians can be “found” at SXSW. “It is my hope/dream/goal that we make some moves in library advocacy and build partnerships with the tech/marketing/social media/gaming industry,” she says. “A new library meme that is starting to [build] captures it well: libraryEVERYWHERE.”



  1. Ray Buettner says:

    Awesome Ms. Davis! The RELIEF team is happy to see that we are not the only ones who think yo are a mover and a shaker. Flynn Carsen has nothing on the NPS Librarian!

  2. Myrna E. Morales (@SeerGenius) says:

    “I get fired up about sharing the success stories and battles of libraries beyond the library echo chamber. To let other industry communities learn what is awesome about libraries: the wealth of accessible information along with what they should be concerned about losing if we don’t pull together and protect the absolutely radical and democratic notion of libraries.” — this is absolutely awesome and absolutely true and when one lives by this ethos, the crux, the essence, the fabric of librarianship is shaken and has to be moved. This is speaking truth to power.

  3. Thank you for this honor and recognition! It couldn’t be done without a boatload of amazing people working together to #makeithappen. It’s been fun. And it’s been real = 100% real fun! #sxswLAM 2012 was a big turning point, (and it’s still happening right now). Everyone involved has come away hyped up – let’s make some good things happen!

  4. Audrey Evans says:

    Andrea, I was so impressed with you when I met you two years ago at SxSW. When I went searching for ways to get librarians involved in the conversation at SxSW, I should have known that I would find you boldly and creatively pushing at the forefront of the effort. Bravo to you and I can’t wait to see where we all parade together next!

  5. Blaine Waterman says:

    Andrea, SFPL is proud you started your illustrious career with us. Congratulations!!

  6. It is fantastic to see your smiling face in the Library Journal!! Great work.

  7. I can’t wait to read and hear more great things about you and your dedication. Wonderful work!