February 17, 2018

Cheryl Rowan | Movers & Shakers 2012 — Advocates

Health Assurance

Cheryl Rowan Movers & Shakers 2012


Public Health Coordinator
National Network of Libraries of Medicine South Central Region, Texas Medical Center Library, Houston

MSLS, University of North Texas, Denton, 2009

Bringing Health Information to the Community Blog

Photo by Dana Rowan

Library professionals guide patrons to information; Cheryl Rowan does it every day. Only instead of helping a high school student gather material for a history report or assisting an unemployed adult in finding the best online job sites, Rowan’s clients are doctors, public health workers, or even other librarians spread across five states.

As public health coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), South Central Region (SCR), Rowan’s trademark is teaching innovative outreach in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Rowan’s newest ongoing class is called “From Beyond Our Borders: Providing Health Information to Refugee Populations.” Two existing tutorials she designed, still popular and successful, are “Promoting Health Literacy Through Easy-To-Read Materials” and “Health Statistics on the Web: It’s as Easy as…1, 2, 3!”

Guiding public health workers to existing Internet options plays a key role in Rowan’s instruction. “My vision is to continue to inform the public health workforce about these wonderful resources and to empower them to feel they have these resources to offer their clients,” says Rowan, who works out of the Texas Medical Center Library in Houston. MedlinePlus (www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus) and the Refugee Health Information Network site (www.rhin.org) are only two examples of the free resources Rowan promotes in her classes and public forums.

She’s also coordinator of the NNLM SCR’s Health Disparities Task Force. “Instead of going into an underserved community and providing traditional training on health resources, she specifically asks the population she is working with what they need,” says her supervisor, Michelle Malizia. That’s very reassuring.



  1. Cheryl,
    Congratulations! You made a difference here at UAMS, so your moving and shaking left an impressive impact. Thanks for speaking at UAMS at the first health literacy summit. It was good to share lunch and be inspired by what you are doing. You are a delight. Come back again!

    Kind regards,
    Kathryn Searcy

  2. Congratulations, Cheryl. You really do deserve this recognition!

    Martha Grady
    Gateway to Care

  3. Amber Roper says:

    Way to go!!!! I am so proud of you. We miss seeing you around here.
    Amber Roper
    Midland County Public Library

  4. Sharon Rowland says:

    Marvelous! Just marvelous!

  5. Cheryl – can we please get permission to use this photo in the Call Number for UNT? Please let me know. My email address is hannah.hollingsworth@unt.edu.
    Thank you!