March 17, 2018

The Daily Show to Tape in Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

By Michelle Lee



Snappy political and presidential commentary will be heading down to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library this fall, courtesy of the Democratic National Convention and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

The fake-news TV show will rent out part of the ImaginOn children’s library and theater from Aug. 28 to Sept. 8. The library will receive $94,488 for the rental, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Funds from rental will go toward the library’s operating budget, which includes literacy, educational and workforce development programs, and to support the Children’s Theatre programs and infrastructure. “This revenue will support two cherished Charlotte organizations that have experienced funding challenges due to the recession,” Library Board Chair Charles Bowman said in a statement.

The library board had voted back in October to close the Main Library and ImaginOn to the public during the convention due to safety and security concerns.

Live shows will be taped and broadcast on Sept. 4 to Sept. 7, and 450 free tickets were immediately taken online within an hour of the public announcement on Monday, according to the Observer.

In a statement, Director of Libraries David Singleton said “we’re pleased that The Daily Show has chosen ImaginOn … and for the opportunity to showcase this award-winning facility for children and teens to the country and beyond.”

Children’s Theatre Executive Director Bruce LaRowe said in a statement that they are “delighted to be able to showcase such a unique and collaborative facility and partnership, not only to the convention but also to an international television audience.”

Rory Albanese, The Daily Show’s executive producer, said in the Observer. “To the good people of North Carolina, for their Southern hospitality in hosting 125 smart-aleck New Yorkers, we offer in advance our thanks, but most of all, our apologies. Honestly, we didn’t mean to break that, and we promise we’ll pay for it.”