February 17, 2018

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Services More Meaningful Than Ebooks | The User Experience

Our insistence on competing with (or even just complementing) Amazon and Apple—not to mention all of the free content available online—is an insistence that we define ourselves by something we are not good at anymore.

Memories and Need Fuel a Texas Library’s New Bookmobile

The Georgetown Public Library needed to reach many elderly residents and low-income school children who couldn’t get to the library. They weren’t going to do it with ebooks, even though the library offers them. The solution was the good, old-fashioned bookmobile, which required a huge fund-raising effort.

World Book Night to Hand Out Half a Million Free Books

More than 25,000 volunteers will give out half a million free books in nearly 6,000 towns this evening, in honor of  World Book Night. Each volunteer will be given 20 specially printed copies of a book that they enjoy, to be selectively given to new or light readers in locations such as hospitals, nursing homes, […]

Sage College Surprise Bequest To Fund New Library

The Sage Colleges received a $9 million bequest for a new campus library, the Times-Union reported on April 19. The college had no idea the gift, the second largest in the school’s history, was coming. Lucile Rosenfeld Shea attended Russell Sage in 1937-1938, and had donated modestly since. Shea was so private that school officials […]

Gary Director Resigns; Board Member Recalled

Otis Alexander resigned as director of the Gary Public Library only five months after taking the position, according to GaryCommunity.com. Alexander’s resignation will be effective May 1. Diana Morrow, head librarian at the system’s DuBois branch, has been named acting library director, and Library Board of Trustees President Tony Walker said he hoped Morrow would […]

Advice From a Search Committee Member | Backtalk

Job seekers, pay attention! I have some advice for you from the perspective of someone who has served on a variety of search committees and has recently had my own successful job search. This advice will help you get a job or, at least, an interview. What I have to say is not new, but surprisingly, very few job seekers follow it.

The Library as the People’s API | Peer to Peer Review

Barbara Fister thinks libraries aren’t business, but could be a special kind of programming interface.

Demise of the Ed.D. | From the Bell Tower

When Harvard University’s Education School said it would end its Ed.D. program many higher education experts questioned if this would start a trend. If it does that could be the end of a popular degree for academic librarians. I’m going to do some generalization here. Based on my experience, many of our academic librarian colleagues […]

Lead the Change

It just keeps getting better. I continue to be blown away by the hunger in libraries for marketing — not just the promotion side of marketing — but bona  fide market research. This week’s Lead the Change session, held at my library gave me new inspiration. 100 library staff from the five-state area around Ohio gathered […]

Orlando Library Donation to Build Creative Technology Center

A $1 million donation to the Orlando Public Library will be used to create The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity, the library announced April 16. The center will house labs for visual arts, film, digital media, graphic design and audio engineering on the second floor of the library, according to the […]