March 17, 2018

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Regina, Canada Library Workers Won’t Collect Fines

Workers at Canada’s Regina Public Library walked off the job at 4 p.m. on May 28 to stage a rally outside of Regina City Hall. The 180 members of CUPE 1594 (all of the library’s employees except  management and anyone whose salary is funded by another branch of government) asked the library board to return […]

Two Architects of Library Discovery Tools Launch an Altmetrics Venture

Two prominent veterans of the library vendor world recently launched a startup company which aims to capitalize on the rapidly flowering field of altmetrics.

No More Gatekeepers | From the Bell Tower

Thanks to a non-stop stream of talk about innovation we just start to tune it out. Let’s not give up on innovation yet. Now is the right time to find innovative ways to open our gates. Back when Americans actually had a modicum of respect for financial institutions, a certain stock broker was well known […]

Authentic Librarianship and the Importance of Eating One’s Peas | Peer to Peer Review

Recently I attended a lecture by Roger Altizer, the Director of Game Design and Production in the Film and Media Arts Department at the University of Utah, where I work. He talked about a number of very interesting things related to gaming and pedagogy, but one thing in particular really struck me. First, he pointed […]

OverDrive to Launch Browser-based Ebook Reader

Ebook distributor OverDrive has announced plans to introduce “OverDrive Read,” a new ebook platform that will enable readers to use standard web browsers to read ebooks on computers and mobile devices without installing any additional software or activating a dedicated device.

Fifty Shades Returns to Brevard County Libraries

Florida’s Brevard County Public Libraries will return the bestselling novel Fifty Shades of Grey to its shelves effective immediately, Library Services Director Catherine Schweinsberg announced today. The book is already back in the catalog, and has 286 holds. The 17-branch system had attracted widespread media attention by its decision, earlier this month, to pull the […]

Skip Prichard to Depart Ingram Content Group

David (Skip) Prichard, president and chief executive officer of Ingram Content Group announced on May 25 that he will leave the company effective June 8. Current chairman John R. Ingram will assume the role of CEO at that time.

“Five years ago, I joined Ingram in large part because I was excited about the possibilities ahead for the company,” Prichard wrote on his personal blog. “Excited to work with John Ingram, I signed up to accomplish certain goals, and those goals have all been met one by one. Ingram Content Group is better positioned than ever before to navigate all of the changes happening in the industry.”

Update: LA Enacts Library Sex Offender Ban

This story has been updated to include the governor’s signature. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law a bill to limit access to that state’s public libraries by sex offenders, according to local news station WDSU. The law applies only to those offenders whose victims were under 13 years of age. Library boards will have […]

Libraries Should Be What Users Want—With a Little Help from Librarians | Editorial

As many of us here at LJ gear up to attend the American Library Association conference in Anaheim, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on the future of libraries.

The Innovator’s Dilemma – what it means for libraries

I’ve been re-reading this classic title, The Innovator’s Dilemma’s by Clayton Christensen, as I continue to think deeply about libraries and marketing and now as Chief Customer Experience Officer. It’s nothing less than a textbook for libraries as we move into an ambiguous future turned upside down by eBooks. I know, I know. You’ll say […]