May 25, 2018

What’s Hot: The Latest in Library Products & Furnishings | Library by Design, Spring 2012

Compiled by Ann Kim


Assembles in seconds Set up the Archival Miracle Box™ by simply pushing down to assemble and lock in place. The multifunctional buffered boxes with separate lids hold letter- or legal-size documents and feature double-reinforced walls for stacking. Acid-free and lignin-free. List Price: $14.95. Paige Co., 800-66-BOXES,; also available from Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

For posterity Preserve books, rare pamphlets, and documents with the Four-Flap Enclosure. Fully protects and securely holds materials without boxing and can be easily shelved. Preservation quality. Additional sizes available upon request. List Price: $6–$22. Archival Products, a division of Library Binding Service, 800-526-5640,

Safe storage Water-repellent Coroplast® 3mm Archival Record Storage Cartons are made from a chemically inert and additive-free extruded polypropylene copolymer and feature premium double-wall and -bottom construction for durability. Handholds for portability. List Price: $22.45. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Always on guard Microchamber technology provides a preventative conservation protection unique to Artcare™ Alpharag® Buffered 4-Ply Mat Board. Zeolites and buffers trap and neutralize oxidizing gases and by-products to protect art and photographs from degradation. Exceeds FACTS guide for permanence in mat and mounting boards. List Price: $112 and up. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Like a glove Whether the item is a paperback book, a hardcover with or without dust jacket, or a magazine, the 3.5 mil polyethylene covers of the CoLibri Book Cover System fits to any size without adhesion and can be done in 25 seconds. List Price: Call for price. CoLibri Systems, 877-265-4274,

Elegant protection

Store your digital prints in buffered, acid-free Deep Lid Digital Print Boxes. They feature a cutout front for access and metal edges on the corners to add stacking strength to the barrier board design. Includes clear label holder and label for identification. List Price: $16.50 and up. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,


Plug & scan The Wireless Bar Code Scanner comes with a USB charging cable that allows you to use the scanner even while it’s being recharged. Weighing less than six ounces, it features a wireless range up to 328 feet and has a battery that lasts for about 60,000 scans. Requires two USB ports, one for the receiver and one for the charger. List Price: $199. Vernon Library Supplies, 800-878-0253, www.­


Study sturdy Hand-built in your choice of oak, cherry, ash, maple, or walnut, the Fairfield Study Carrel features an open-sided, unconfined design while the low-profile partition offers privacy. Stands 42″h x 36″h x 48″l, while the study surface is 30″ high. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)–compliant and customizable. Also available as a Study Table. List Price: carrel, $2350; study table, $2,525; quantity pricing available. Huston & Co., 888-869-6370,


Space-saving self-­checkout The portable, desktop/wall-hanging LAT-Leap™ Self-checkout System features a factory-hardened, 22″ SAW (surface acoustic wave) touchscreen; built-in wireless networking; full support of all Front-Gate security systems; and a high-speed, multidimensional scanner. Onscreen animations and multilingual voice guide users. LAT-Central Enterprise Management Software included. Numerous options, upgrades, and configurations available. List Price: $6,999. Library ­Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,

The raw solution Store raw CDs/DVDs and only dispense them to authenticated patrons with the fourth-generation allCIRC-Cube, which is also a full-featured self-check system for all other items. Fully ADA-compliant, it has a six-second retrieval time, higher capacity, and 25 percent lower cost than previous models. List Price: $13,999. Library Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,

Won’t float away Modular in design and able to circulate 750–3000 discs, the Library Media Box can operate as a floating collection as well as handle reservations. The automated processing allows for patron checkout and return. Fully integrated with your library’s integrated library system (ILS) via SIP2 and NCIP (if available). Options include customizing the imagery on the machine. List Price: Call for price. Public Information Kiosk, 866-883-0300, x202,

Apps, ahoy A radio-frequency identification (RFID) checkout solution, Your Library Phone Mobile Phone App locates the nearest library, reserves a book, and pays fines. The mobile phone interacts with an RFID checkout station that uses the phone to display book titles, verify patron information, turn off alarm code, and issue an electronic receipt. Ebooks can be checked out and downloaded, too. List Price: app, $7500; RFID station, $1500. Solus UK, or

Access, always Patrons can access library material 24/7, in the location of your choice, with the freestanding Lending Library. Patrons scan their active library card, make a selection, retrieve the material, and take their due date receipt. Integrates directly with your ILS via SIP2 & NCIP (if available). List Price: Call for price. Public Information Kiosk, 866-883-0300, x202,

Bigger real estate With a capacity of up to 1,086 standard books or 2,714 DVD jewel cases, the SuperMaxx Outdoor Return System reduces or eliminates the need to empty book and media returns on closed days. Designed and crafted to exact standards, this system is backed by a lifetime warranty. List Price: $8,499. Kingsley Library Equipment, 800-376-7209,

Spiff it up Offered in a wide variety of colors, the smartserve™ 400 Self-checkout Kiosk can be fitted with customized skins; the software interface can match your chosen theme. Available for RFID and barcode self-checkout. List Price: Call for price. Bibliotheca, 877-207-3127, www.­

All in real-time Check items into the library in real time with the C Series Self Check System. Items are instantly checked in and removed from the customer’s record. The Digital Library Assistant lets you download exceptions for pulling holds and transits. Web-based remote monitoring displays number of returns and schedules staff during peak periods. The complete system includes a touchscreen computer, book drop, and printer. List Price: Call for price. 3M Library Systems, 800-328-0067,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

More than meets the eye By a assigning a specific color to each number and letter, this Shelf Management ID System creates a color barcode label from the book’s classification code. Labeled books form classification-ordered color patterns, enabling faster visual sorting and shelving. Labels may include other ID components such as a library logo, barcode, collection indicator, genre icon, inventory control number, reading-level indicator, language indicator, and branch code. List Price: Call for price. ColorMarq, 800-909-0955,

Return & reuse Custom printed with your institution’s logo and information, Reusable Interlibrary Loan Book Straps can be placed around the book’s cover, with the Velcro® secured, and return information placed in the optional pocket. Once the book is returned, part the Velcro, and the strap is immediately ready for reuse. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. List Price: $1.38–$2.07. R.E.P. Industries, 800-426-3527, www.­


Endless possibilities Student-focused, Learn2 Seating goes wherever it’s needed and can be arranged in multiple configurations for collaborative and interactive spaces. Features a fully adjustable, dual-handed work surface. Was a Best of NeoCon 2011 Gold Winner for Education Solutions. List Price: Call for price. KI,

A meeting of media The Mobile Interactive Projector System combines a Boxlight ProjectoWrite3WX™ ultrashort throw projector with integrated whiteboard technology and the iTeach™ Mobile Interactive whiteboard cart with height adjustability. Meets ADA requirements and Architectural Barriers Act accessibility guidelines. Includes Boxlight Projection plus 77″ wet erase interactive whiteboard. List Price: Call for price. TeamOne Repair, 678-985-0772, www.­

Gather ’round The specifically shaped work surface of the Acrobat Crescent Desk enables students to gather around resources and work in groups of two or more. Up to three desks can cluster around an I~O Post for shared connectivity. Has a generous workspace, stability, ingress/egress, and an integrated modesty panel and wireway. Available in ten laminate, 20 edge, and five frame colors. List Price: $925–$1040. Smith System, 800-328-1061,

The world is my screen Turn any flat-screen TV or monitor into an interactive device by attaching the CleverTouch™ Overlay to the front of the display and connecting it to the USB port of your Windows-based computer. Uses optical or infrared technology for high-contrast picture quality, fast data transfer speed, and an optimal viewing angle while protecting the display surface. List Price: Call for price. Numonics Corp., 215-362-2766,

Rearrange at will The triangular elements of the Exchange™ Media Center Tables assemble to form pinwheels, hexagons, triangles, leaves, and more, for collaborative learning environments. Can be equipped with flipIT® workstations, flipIT® Laptop Safes, or connectivity and power for laptops, devices, iPads, and tablets. List Price: Call for price. SMARTdesks, 800-770-7042,

Take your meeting anywhere Use on any surface indoors and outdoors, the Wizard Wall Kit only needs a flat, dry surface like a wall or window. A budget solution for meeting and conference rooms and media centers. List Price: Call for price. TeamOne Repair, 678-985-0772, www.­

Look under your feet Make power and data locations portable with the Furniture and Floor Integration Technology (FFIT) Computer Floor. Each 19″ carpet square adheres to a polycarbonate pedestal that can bear 50,000 pounds and may have up to four ports for duplex power or data connections. To move locations, simply pick up the carpet tile, move it, and rebury the cable back into the floor. List Price: Call for price. SMARTdesks, 800-770-7042,

Touchscreen collaboration Useful for libraries, meeting rooms, training centers, student unions, and common areas, Elements Media with ­T1Visions Interactive Touchscreen Table enables teams to connect, share, and learn using an intuitive, multitouch user interface. List Price: Call for price. Agati, 312-829-1977,

Smart storage Provide locked storage security for your iPad®, Kindle®, or smart devices with the iDrawer™ Security Storage. Features an internal three-outlet power bar that includes USB power for safe charging and also permits use of the device while connected to power. List Price: Call for price. SMARTdesks, 800-770-7042,

All shapes & sizes An extension of the mTable Collection, the collaborative syncTables can configured in as many ways as you can use your imagination. Available in trapezoid, fan, hourglass, reverse hourglass, and semicircle. List Price: Call for price. Brodart Furniture, 888-521-1884,

DIY social space The units of the Triad Lounge System and Media Tower can be arranged as needed into a number of arrangements. Electronics, graphics, lighting, LED messaging boards, etc., can be custom specified. All units are wired with power outlets. Construction is hardwood, powder-coated steel, and solid surface material. List Price: Call for price. ­Creative Arts Unlimited, 727-525-2066,

Hands-free tablet use Mount your iPad® to the Suspend™ iPad® LCD Arm Mount to position it as a monitor, a hands-free camera for FaceTime, or for using the keyboard with both hands. It cradles the iPad® with moulded grippers using screw-tension adjustment and comes complete with a VESA mounting bracket so it can be attached to your choice of LCD monitor arm. Also available is the iEasel™ iPad™ Stand, featuring adjustable grips that work with other tablets. List Price: Call for price. SMARTdesks, 800-770-7042,

Mobile idea sharing The mobile easels of the Nexus™ Collaborative Boards have double-sided magnetic marker board surfaces with side-mountable marker/eraser holders and lower accent panels. Features an angled-foot design to allow multiple units to be grouped side by side, 3″-diameter locking casters, and optional double-sided tablets. List Price: Call for price. Ghent, 800-543-0550,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Multifunctional & mobile With a whiteboard and/or pinup board for presentations or brainstorming, these Mobile Containers can be wheeled around to partition a space. Available with adjustable shelves, doors, and drawers (locks optional), in a variety of sizes, and in clear (natural), red, yellow, light brown, dark brown, and HP Laminate. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sourcing available. Constructed of sustainably farmed birch, prefinished plywood (no off-gassing), and recycled aluminum verticals. List Price: Call for price. Milder Office, 718-387-0767,

Interactive origami The basic shape of the iGroup Media Center Tables, the iGroup Element, is a right triangle with a curve on the user side, designed in mirror image. Arrange as a pinwheel, hexagon, or equilateral triangle, maple leaf, abstract, beetles, and serpentine. Accessorize for use with laptops, iPads®, Kindles®, and more. Dry marker WhiteWrite™ Wedge sections can be part of the design. List Price: Call for price. SMARTdesks, 800-770-7042,

Curves abound The Collaborative Work Station combines ARC Benches with legs available with casters or glides and the eight-position WAVE Table, featuring PVC edges, acrylic dividers, ample workspace, complete power distribution, and wire management systems. Surfaces can be specified as standard with wood veneer, high-pressure laminate, and Marmoleum™. List Price: Call for price. Jasper Library Furniture, 888-440-8205, www.­


One of a kind As an example of a Custom Children’s Library, Cuyahoga Library District, OH, teamed with RedBox Workshop and HBM Architects to create a children’s space for the Warrensville Heights Branch. Based on Ashley Bryan’s book Let It Shine, it includes an interactive early literacy station with reading-ready activities and word games. General décor includes hand-painted murals with applied 2-D figures taken directly from the book’s pages. List Price: Call for price. RedBox Workshop, 773-529-4735,


Needs a buff? Repair and maintain your Blu-ray discs and all other types of discs with the VMI 2500 Disc Repair Machine, including severely scratched discs. This ecofriendly system takes one minute for a light repair or two minutes for a heavy repair. Unit comes preinstalled with buffing wheels and repair solution. List Price: $899. Venmill Industries, 866-864-0210,; also available from Vernon Library Supplies, 800-878-0253, www.­


Smaller display for better browsing Research shows that patrons prefer to select from smaller displays rather than standard shelving. These single- and double-sided Book Pods make library products easy to see, touch, and take away. Add a graphic insert to the metal framed sign holder. List Price: $595 and up. Opening the Book,; available in the United States exclusively from Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Show off Display your collections with the Metro™ Series Plaza Museum Case. Each case is built solely with archival materials and holds silica gel tiles to regulate the display environment. Features panel legs for an open feel and hand-polished vitrine available with or without UV protection. Optional accessories available. List Price: $5,425 and up. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

A “wow” factor A book displayer and reading nook all in one, Reading Hideaway keeps book titles well within reach on all eight shelves, four on the front and four on the back. Features a vinyl-covered padded cushion and foot well inside the unit. List Price: $3,395. Opening the Book, www.­; available in the United States exclusively from Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,­openingthebook

Glass is our passion A full range of glass Archival Display Cases are available, from custom built to modular cases, that can be assembled by the customer. Offers a wide array of conservation, microenvironmental control, accessibility, and design options. List Price: Call for price. Glasbau Hahn, 877-452-7228, www.­

Slatwall accessible The mag|box™ for Slatwall, made from lightweight crystal-clear acrylic, features 2″ pocket for two to four months of magazines or letter-size pamphlets. List Price: $18. 3branch products, 877-899-9902,

Standout titles

Highlight individual titles on tables or counter­tops with the Book of the Day Unit. Features a crystal-clear innovative design, and together with “Book of the Day” graphic inserts (available separately), you can use change-out messaging. List Price: $58.95; pack of five graphic inserts, $7.25. Opening the Book,; available in the United States exclusively from Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,­openingthebook

Self-stack modules

Made from lightweight acrylic, the mag|stak™ features a spinning base, clear adjustable modules that self-stack, and polished edges with rounded corners. Start with what you need, then add modules as your collection grows. Available in two module sizes and with two- or four-sided signage options. List Price: Call for price. 3branch products, 877-899-9902,

Snap selection Research reveals that patrons are more apt to make a choice when products are easy to see, touch, and remove. The Books To Go Table features three easy-access shelves that highlight individual titles. Add a graphic insert to the metal-framed sign holder. List Price: $1,495. Opening the Book,; available in the United States exclusively from Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,

Just the right size Designed for small periodical publications such as Reader’s Digest, Prevention, FOOD, and others, the mag|box™ mini is made from lightweight, clear acrylic. Display and store up to two years of back issues; transport via handle ports. List Price: $25. 3branch products, 877-899-9902,

Flexible display The modular Series 500 Exhibit Display System assembles in seconds without tools and can be designed in any configuration at any angle in any space. Features a honeycomb interior for stability, a lightweight design, and adjustable feet. List Price: $810 and up. Scenario, www.­; also available from Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

Crawl-through displayer The tunnel in the Book Read and Play Tunnel is lined with flexible mirror film to invite discovery. The shelves on each side are just the right height for children, and this unit displays more titles than traditional kinderboxes. List Price: $739. Opening the Book, www.­; available in the United States exclusively from Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,­openingthebook

On (not off) the wall Exhibit a cluster of small items or draw attention to a single artifact with the Little Gem Wall Case. Features hand-finished, buffed acrylic and a wood frame with a removable top piece for adding or removing objects. Includes wood security hardware. List Price: $77.99 and up. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

For light reading The angled display surface with an aluminum lip of the Periodical Display Carousel can be lifted to access a storage compartment for additional copies. The unit is is open to two sides. Available in clear (natural), red, yellow, light brown, dark brown, and HP Laminate. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sourcing available. Constructed of sustainably farmed birch, prefinished plywood (no off-gassing), and recycled aluminum verticals. List Price: $2,276–$3,369 (quantity pricing available). Milder Office, 718-387-0767, www.­

Shelf highlights Display individual titles while keeping books upright on the shelf with Acrylic Feature Fillers. These clear displayers make it possible to change the look of your shelving in minutes, or add graphic inserts (available separately) for instant messaging. Available in small, medium, and large sizes. List Price: $12.45 and up. Opening the Book, www.­; available in the United States exclusively from Brodart Library Supplies & Furnishings, 888-820-4377,­openingthebook

Off-the-shelf display Open to four sides and with adjustable shelves, the Book Display Carousel can be specified to match your media needs. Available in clear (natural), red, yellow, light brown, dark brown, and HP Laminate. FSC sourcing available. Milder Library Furniture is constructed of sustainably farmed birch, prefinished plywood (no off-gassing), and recycled aluminum verticals. List Price: $2,276–$3,499 (quantity pricing available). Milder Office, 718-387-0767, www.­

Fun colors at eye level With the Paladin Primaries Book Displays, shelving bins, Magnetic Marker board units, big book displays, and double-sided book browsers link together in numerous ways to create unique spaces. Constructed of ¾”-thick color-infused medium-density fiberboard (MDF) panels with rounded edges for safety. List Price: $399.99–$739.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,


Panel tattoo The graffiti-proof and environmentally friendly VistaPanel® imaging process molecularly bonds any image to wood, steel, and laminate end panels without adhesives. Choose from a selection of patterns such as herringbone, parquets, and inlays, or supply your own custom graphics. Adjust size, color, opaqueness, gloss; personalize; add logos; and create panoramas or mosaics to your specifications. List Price: Call for price. Library Bureau Steel, 856-696-5700,


Ecofriendly mailing Designed for a minimum of 50 transits, these Reusable Mailers are made of a tough vinyl-coated fabric and are electrostatically welded for durability and water resistance. Features padding, a zip closure, and a velcro flap, as well as a label-removal system. Available in three standard sizes. List Price: $3.50–$5.75. R.E.P. Industries, 800-426-3527,


The tower of learning The Activity Tower combined with Activity Panels features colorful laminate panels and a friendly heron perimeter character perched on top. Activity panels include Migrations, which uses a sliding mechanism that allows children to move animals from one location to another, and Count the Rings, which teaches children about trees and nature and counting. List Price: Call for price. TMC Furniture, 734-622-0080,

Brighten up the wall One of a series of new Multilingual Custom Interactive Wall Panels that can be fitted with dozens of large and small inter­actives, this panel includes the new large interactive “How Many Books.” Magnetic sliders allow multiple answers from children from the same family. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941,

A whole new dimension Easy to assemble, each piece of 3D Adventure Art is constructed of durable yet extremely lightweight foam that is nontoxic and PVC/HCFC-free. Features Low-VOC, water-based paint finishes. List Price: $414.99–$549.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Pod families The freestanding interactive Seed Pod Kiosks feature a sunburst/flower photo hole, a puppet theater on the reverse, and three seed pod panels. Includes graphics for families in English and your choice of additional languages. Made of Baltic birch with a dichoromatic resin base. Exclusively for public libraries and comes with a two-year warranty. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941,

An instant hit Available in many color options, the LEGO™ Table comes with Duplo-sized LEGO™ plates attached. The top is reversible with the Duplo plates on one side and a laminate finish on the other for games or functions. A built-in storage compartment keeps all the LEGO™ pieces in one location. Stands 60″w x 32″d x 19″h. List Price: $1,975. 3branch products, 877-899-9902,

Hot off the presses New 15″ x 15″ Interactive Panels for end or wall panels and kiosks include the Joke Panel; Riddle Panel; a customizable Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Panel about reducing, reusing, and recycling; the Magic Magnet Spinner Panel designed specifically to meet STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) goals; and Fish Tales Panel. List Price: Call for price. Burgeon Group, 503-730-9941,

Child-friendly multimedia The LeapPad™ Explorer Tablet works with all Leapster Explorer™ and LeapFrog Explorer™ cartridge games and downloadable apps. Skill levels adjust automatically for each child; progress is remembered. Has a built-in camera, video recorder, and microphone for a multi­media experience. Includes the Art Studio app, Story Studio app, and Letter Writing Practice app. List Price: $99.99. LeapFrog,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Multisensory play Use a single Wall-Mountable Panel, constructed of Baltic birch, or multiple units to create an interactive wall. Learning toys include a spinning mirror, sliding cars, wooden rattle, sliding shapes, magnet labyrinth, prisms, rope pulls, and various types of closures such as a button, shoelace, clasp, drawstring, zipper, and more. List Price: $334.99–$459.99. DEMCO, 800-356-1200,


Multiple monitoring An accurate thermal imaging patron counting system available with video verifiable counting performance, the Dual View Thermal Imaging People Counter monitors multiple patrons entering and exiting at the same time. Power-over-ethernet is used to communicate directly with your computer network; no power outlet required. List Price: $1,795. SenSource, 800-239-1226,


Print easy Deliver wireless printing without installing printers, software, or drivers on your laptop/desktop/mobile device with the Web-Print Library. The intuitive service reduces patron queries about printing, patrons can print using their own Internet-enabled laptops, and it can be integrated with an existing or new cost-recovery system. List Price: Call for price. Today’s Business Solution, 630-537-1370,

reading tracker

Keeping tabs The LitKeeper Software can keep a book list and kids can pick a book and enter the number of pages or the number of minutes that they have read in a day. It’s easy for both readers and librarians to record and track progress. Ideal as a summer or year-round reading management program for readers of all ages. List Price: annual, $325. Plymouth Rocket, 508-942-4209,


On-demand is in demand The interlibrary loan (ILL)–compatible, all-in-one UScan Microform Scanner is manufactured specifically for walk-up patrons. Scanning microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and photographic materials, it combines Mekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson production scanner technology. Scans in color, bitonal, and grayscale and fits with pay per use and follow-me capabilities. Features multiple output options (USB, email, cloud), portability, and a Kensington lock system. List Price: under $8000 and up. The Crowley Co., 240-215-0224,

A green incentive Scan, save, and send documents virtually anywhere with the touchscreen Simple Scan Scanner. Features a patented design that protects the spines of your books, the ability to save as a PDF, searchable PDF, Word file, TIFF/JPEG, and HTML page and to send to USB, email, network folders, Google Docs, FTP (SSL/SSH), print, or fax. A tree will be planted for every unit sold in 2012. List Price: Call for price. Today’s Business Solution, 630-537-1369,

The paperless path The high-resolution, walk-up Book2net Spirit Bookscanner features green and clean technology and less energy consumption and helps reduce paper waste. Via its embedded touchscreen PC, simply touch an icon and receive an automatic perfect image, no positioning or focusing needed. List Price: Call for price. Ristech Co., 905-631-7451,

Small & sturdy The compact ScanPro 800 Microfilm Scanner features heavy-gauge steel throughout and steel bearings. The software is an intuitive Windows computer application with familiar icons and text labels and one-click onscreen buttons for complete look ups quickly. List Price: $4,995 and up. e-ImageData, 262-673-3476,


Curves & leg space Now available on casters as a companion piece to the Elements Media, the Rio Chair features seamless arches, boomerang arms, solid wood arm caps, a high back, a slight upward tilt to its seat, and plenty of foot room beneath. A multitude of options. List Price: Call for price. Agati, 312-829-1977,

Heave a big Sy Built from a bent plywood frame, the Sy Guest Chair also features a seat back that measures 16″h x 25″w while the seat itself is 16″w x 25″d x 16″h. The ¼”-thick foam padding meets California Code 117 standards for flame retardance. Leather upholstery completes the construction with a solid-steel rod frame with chrome finish. List Price: $259.99. SAFCO, 800-328-302,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Sprawl friendly! Designed to make it comfortable to sit with one or two legs slung over an arm and still have good back and arm support, the Huggmee™ Reading Chair’s unusual shape is eye-catching and lends itself to creative arrangements with other furniture. Ideal for teen spaces. List Price: $360–$560. Huggmee Chair Co., 602-703-2497,

A tuffet for your tush The Manitou Upholstered Children’s Chair is available in three base types, two shell shapes, and multiple seat heights. Features a plywood shell constructed of 100 percent postindustrial recycled material, a soft foam seat, and your choice of textile. List Price: Call for price. Fresh Coast Furniture, 734-276-6839,

Grow in an instant The modular Gee Lounge Collection provides solutions for an individual user or for groups. The basic chair starts as a lounge chair on steel metal legs. Use as an armless or armed chair, add privacy side panels or back panels, or pair with occasional tables. Configure as a pinwheel, with or without tablet arms, to maximize space yet ensure individual privacy. Also, the Gee Occasional Table is available with the multiuser T1Visions Touchscreen. List Price: Call for price. Agati, 312-829-1977,

Tilt back and relax A classroom/lounge seating hybrid, the Chat™ Chair features an ample back and seat pan, rear casters to make it easy to tilt and shift toward people, technology, and educational resources. Available in 17 colors with nylon or felt glides. List Price: $259. Smith System, 800-328-1061,

Art with a purpose This handmade, limited-edition design of a Bronze Stack of Books Bench is designed exclusively by the Randolph Rose Collection. This functional piece of art offers seating for all ages and may be placed inside or outside the library. List Price:$14,000; Library by Design readers: $8960. Randolph Rose, 800-462-5851,

Uno dos tres Use a single UNO Lounge Chair or combine multiple units with the ganging brackets. Features molded, fire-retardant foam cushions; a geometric-patterned polyester fabric back; a PVC-free polyurethane 17″h seat; and a tubular steel frame with adjustable chrome-plated glides. All upholstery meets CA117 fire retardancy standards. List Price: $229.99. OFM, 800-520-7471,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

A scholarly stool Designed for use in university and public library settings, the Colby Stool features steel treads and is built of solid hardwood of your choice: oak, cherry, ash, maple, or walnut. Available with a black leather or a solid wood seat. Stands 26″h x 15″w x 15″d or in custom sizes. List Price: leather seat, $695; quantity pricing available. Huston & Co., 888-869-6370, www.­

Making a splash Tab and slot construction provides a sturdy foundation for Beach Stones Lounge Seating. Features surfaces upholstered over high-density foam, countered for comfort; a base coated with a texted finish of waterborne “Coast Coat”; and wide seating surfaces so adults can sit next to the kids. All four shapes nest one to the other. List Price: Call for price. Fresh Coast Furniture, 734-276-6839, ­

Not what it appears The Cataumet Chair may appear to be a “comb-back Windsor,” but it features the patented Eustis Joint®. Concealed steel rods and high-strength epoxy is used in the joints and enables the removal of the stretchers. Ten-year warranty. List Price: $650. Eustis Chair, 978-827-3103,

A strong profile Available with or without a swing-away, 16″w x 12¾”d laminated writing tablet, the Novella Lounge Chair features high-density, 2″-thick polyurethane foam padding covered with vinyl upholstery that meets California Code 117 standards for flame resistance, an all-steel frame, and a 18″h COMFORTweb® seat with flexible stretch bands. Maple legs have natural finishes and nonmarring floor glides. Coordinating ottoman sold separately. List Price: $579.99. MTS Seating, 734-847-3875, www.­; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Laid-back reading The durable, molded-polyethylene Mod Lounger has a curved, casual design and includes a built-in drainage system for outdoor use. List Price: $429.99. Offi, 800-958-OFFI,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Brush up on chemistry Mix and match fabrics and rearrange the elements in the Molecule Modular Lounge System. Choose from any of five shapes; the pieces nest together neatly and can be pulled apart easily by patrons with various needs. Optional power ports and hard work surfaces available. List Price: Call for price. Palmieri Furniture, 800-413-4440,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

1950s, reinterpreted Featuring a large wooden arm/leg frame, a simply upholstered seat, and a back at a comfortable pitch and height, the RETRO Lounge Chair is available in a Silica™ fabric. Stains from pens, markers, liquids, and dirt are removed without harsh solvents; just apply water or mild soap and water. List Price: $650–$1020. Jasper Library Furniture, 888-440-8205,

Armchair styling Suitable for indoor or outdoor areas, the Pasha Chair is an injection-molded polycarbonate unit with a high-gloss finish. Add a seat cushion to enhance comfort. Coordinating ottoman and optional tray top sold separately. List Price: Call for price. Palmieri Furniture, 800-413-4440,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Creature comforts With a wide footprint for extra stability, the Eve Chair features a recycled steel base attachment that secures the tapered hardwood maple legs to a curved plywood shell featuring 12 creature designs engraved on both front and back. Each creature has undergone testing to ensure strength and durability. List Price: Call for price. Fresh Coast Furniture, 734-276-6839,

Spring has come Sturdy beech plywood frames are covered with thick, fire-resistant foam padding and your choice of two flame-resistant fabric styles with the configurable Bloom Seating. Mix and match different pieces and colors to create interesting seating arrangements. List Price: $189.99–$569.99. Palmieri Furniture, 800-413-4440,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

A poised form Handcrafted using sustainably harvested American hardwoods obtained locally, the Camber Chair is the newest addition to the Contract collection. List Price: Call for price. Moser Contract, 800-708-9710,

Gone fishing Designed for early childhood educational environments, the Minnow Chair is available in 10″, 12″, and 14″ heights. Sturdy construction in birch plywood, with a multitude of color and back options. List Price: Call for price. Chaos Furniture, 732-946-1078,

Surround sound & motion The Stingray BoomChair features a full-tilt rounded base, a rugged canvas surface with a breathable padded mesh seat, and two-way speakers and interactive vibration motors to enhance movies, music, and game playing. Unit folds for storage. RCA input/output ports, volume controls, and headset jacks are also included. List Price: $104.99. LumiSource, 847-699-8988,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,


Traditional & techie Choose from a wide variety of optional accessories to create custom shelving with the Intuitive-IC Shelving. Features a four-post, 16-gauge steel frame with a titanium powder-coat finish; unitized construction; adjustable leveling glides; and integrated wire management in the base. Shelves and side panels consist of ¾”-thick, 45-pound MDF with high-pressure laminate surfaces. List Price: Call for price. Paragon, 817-633-3242,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,

Designed for durability Eight inches deep, the Library Shelving is available in a single- or double-sided model and in a variety of sizes and can be customized with whiteboard displays and built-in benches. Available in clear (natural), red, yellow, light brown, dark brown, and HP Laminate. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sourcing available. Constructed of sustainably farmed birch, pre­finished plywood (no off-gassing), and recycled aluminum verticals. List Price: $2,769-$3,469 (quantity pricing available). Milder Office, 718-387-0767,


Simple digital signage Any existing computer, during idle times, can become a web controlled, scheduled multi­media digital signage station by loading LAT-infoVUE™ Signage Software. Show presentations, live video, websites, or even ticker news. LAT also offers the ability to provide full turnkey digital signage packages in sizes of up to 60″ for less than $999. List Price: annual, $399. Library Automation Technology, 856-566-4121,

Get their attention Wavy Sintra® Ceiling-Mount Indoor Custom Double-Sided Signage features standard drilled holes that make hanging easy. Available in eight background colors, nine lettering colors, and three type styles. List Price: $50.15 and up. Gaylord, 800-448-6160,

From the cloud to the screen With this Digital Signage Solution, the multiplatform CMS allows libraries to publish content simultaneously or independently to their digital signage screens, web and desktop player, library phone app, and social media channels. Content is delivered via existing infrastructure on the cloud to screens across all of your facilities. List Price: $3000. Solus UK,


Bonding over books The Best Friends Bronze Statue of a boy and girl sitting and reading on a bench may be placed in outdoor gardens or indoor spaces. This statue is often used for dedications or memorials. Handmade in bronze by the lost wax casting method. List Price:$6500; Library by Design readers, $4160. Randolph Rose, 800-462-5851,


A Brite idea These Best-Rite® Brite Kids™ Storage Units can be used as resource centers, book displays, shelving, or simply for storage. The 1¼”-thick laminate surface can be wiped clean. Two sizes of storage tubs are sold separately. Units available in three colors: red, green, or royal blue. List Price: $364.99. MooreCo, 800-749-2258,; also available from DEMCO, 800-356-1200,


Bridging style & function Available as a table or computer station in standing and seated heights, the Bridge Table has a simple and unobtrusive design. List Price: Call for price. The Worden Co., 800-748-0561,

An array of finishes Featuring tapered hardwood ply legs with top surfaces available in 33 finishes, the Crystal Low Table can be specified with wood, marker board, and laminate tops in multiple sizes and heights. Also available is the matching upholstered Crystal Stool or Crystal Chair. List Price: Call for price. Fresh Coast Furniture, 734-276-6839, ­