April 19, 2018

Archives for June 2012

New Landmark Libraries 2012 #4: South Mountain Community Library, Maricopa County Community College District/Phoenix Public Library

Materials and finishes engender a sense of lightness and fun. Playful, inventive, and, sometimes, surprising, the designs turned straightforward materials, like copper, wood, glass, steel, aluminum, and acrylic, into anything but ordinary. Digitally printed skylight liners, laser-cut guardrails, and water jet–cut aluminum panels provide endless interest.

New Landmark Libraries 2012 #5: Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, Seattle University

When Seattle University leadership took on its largest single capital project—expanding the campus library to encompass a learning commons and create a campus hub—it created a landmark knowledge resource for the future that engages and inspires students today.

New Landmark Libraries 2012: Academic Library Honorable Mentions

Columbia University’s new Science and Engineering Library (SEL) is the latest take on how libraries support science research and learning. Housed in a new state-of-the-art high-rise interdisciplinary laboratory building built over an existing ground-level gymnasium, this project required no additional footprint to accomplish its space goals.

LITA Talks Top Tech Trends | ALA Annual 2012

Web developers should prioritize mobile websites over desktop websites, librarians need to design more relevant instructional materials for their users, and the field of experience-based transformational development could have a major impact on the future of educational tools. These were just a few of the topics discussed during the “Top Technology Trends and LITA Awards Presentation,” session last Sunday during the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim.

Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley Urges Librarians to More Actively Reshape the Digital Landscape | ALA Annual 2012

The Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley made a cogent and precise presentation at the American Library Association conference this week that urged the librarian community to do a better job at directing the multitude of conversations that ultimately affect how and what libraries can do with digital content.

Creating a Copyright Team | ALA Annual 2012

A campus copyright officer or scholarly communication librarian is how many colleges and universities handle the growing role of academic libraries in guiding faculty fair use. But what if your institution can’t or won’t fund such a position? The University of Missouri libraries have implemented an alternative approach by constructing a copyright team composed of […]

iVerse To Launch ComicsPlus: Library Edition | ALA Annual 2012

iVerse, a digital comics distributor, is debuting a library version of its ComicsPlus app, the company announced at ALA, during the inaugural reception for the Will Eisner Graphic Novel Prize for Libraries. The app is the brainchild of Josh Elder, president and founder of the non-profit Reading with Pictures, who will serve as service manager. […]

Califa Lands $325,000 in Funding for Ebook Ownership Project; Deal Close With Smashwords

The San Mateo-based Califa Group, which is the largest library network in California, has made major strides in its project to create an ebook ownership model along the same lines as the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado.

Iowa City Library Launches Local Music Project

When the Iowa City Public Library (ICPL) launched its Local Music Project at music.icpl.org, a groundbreaking effort that makes the music of local musicians freely available to Iowa City library cardholders, it may not have expected the nationwide interest it received. The Project made waves around the country, getting the attention of librarian.net and other venues, despite being only a few weeks old. So far, there are 49 albums available, and the list is growing.

Update: NYC Budget Restores Most Library Funding

This article has been updated to include information on the final vote. The New York City budget restored nearly $90 million of a threatened $96 million cut to public libraries in an agreement announced June 25. The City Council approved the fiscal year 2013 budget agreement on June 28. The budget also includes more than […]