February 16, 2018

Archives for July 2012

Toledo Library Studies Return on Investment

Toledo-Lucas County, OH, Public Library conducted a study to calculate the library’s return on investment. The study computed the value of the library’s services in two different ways: by economic impact analysis, which yielded a figure of $118.3 million, and by adding up the value of the services provided by the library, which totaled $136.1 […]

With New Funding, DPLA Sets Sights on Search

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) awarded $1 million to fund the creation of the infrastructure for the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) last week, and the organization will now turn its focus toward developing a way to search across the many disparate collections involved with the project.

S. Carolina Library Director Helps Nigerian University Library Leapfrog Print Collections

Imagine a university where the power is on only a few hours a day and the Internet connection is so unreliable or painfully slow that it takes upwards of 20 minutes to send a single email. That’s the situation at the University of Mkar, a liberal arts college in West Africa’s Nigeria. Because connectivity is […]

Trenton Mayor, Under Investigation, Opens Last Un-Library

Embattled Trenton, NJ, Mayor Tony Mack intends to go through with the reopening of the city’s fourth and final Learning Center, formerly the Trenton Free Public Library (TFPL)’s East Trenton Branch, today. Mack announced the opening on his personal Facebook page several days before it appeared on the official site, perhaps to quash rumors that […]

Ebooks Choices and the Soul of Librarianship

A member of the founding team at Unglue.It says ebook models make us choose. And she doesn’t mean choosing which catalog, or interface, or set of contract terms librarians want — though they do make those choices, and they matter. She means that librarians choose which values to advance, and which to sacrifice.

Canadian-Controlled Ebook Infrastructure Project Progressing

The Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC) is in the process of clarifying technical aspects of nine responses it received this month, after issuing a Request for Information (RFI) invitation to vendors concerning its Canadian public library ebook lending initiative. The goal is the development of an ebook infrastructure in which Canada’s libraries would control “the storage and distribution of digital content, as well as…the management of lending agreements and transactions between public libraries, publishers and library patrons,” the organization has explained.

Wyatt’s World: Read for Gold—The Olympic Edition

Wyatt’s World: Read for Gold‚ The Olympic Edition

Library People News: Hires, Promotions, Retirements, and Obituaries 7/27/12

“Robert Carterette, Director of Information Technology and CLEVNET (a 38-member consortium), Cleveland Public Library (CPL), has retired after a career of more than 25 years.” […]

Sunland Park Library Director, Facing Cuts, Accused of Voter Fraud

Sunland Park, NM’s city councilors Thursday decided to keep the library open, just one day after the library director was arrested. Sunland Park had been considering closing the library completely as part of the struggle to balance a massive budget shortfall on a tight Aug. 1 deadline. After allegations of corruption in city government left […]

Dade Board of Ed Slashes Funding; Could Shutter Library

Dade County, GA’s Board of Education voted to stop contributing funding to the public library on July 23, according to the Dade County Sentinel. The library had historically been funded jointly by a combination of the schools, the county, and the city of Trenton, none of which are legally obligated to do so. The board […]