February 17, 2018

Archives for July 2012

Audio News: Seeing Green, Tantor Discontinues Paper Catalogs

Tantor Audio has joined the green movement by terminating the production and mailing of paper catalogs to customers. “The digital shift is well underway,” Tantor’s Allan Hoving told LJ. “Recent surveys of our library customers and advisory board members indicate that by now most folks are comfortable getting info digitally, whether via email or by […]

Library Websites Adapt to Smartphone Growth

Using mobile devices to explore websites that are not optimized for mobile devices can be a frustrating experience. Libraries should consider this more than an aesthetic issue, since mobile devices are the primary Internet access point for a growing number of their users. Almost 90 percent of U.S. adults now own a cell phone of some kind, and 55 percent of them use their phones to go online, according to a June report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Seventeen precent of respondents said they do “most” of their online browsing on their phone.

National Federation of the Blind Honors Axis 360

The National Federation of the Blind has honored Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 digital media platform with the Dr. Jacob Bolotin Award, which recognizes individuals and organizations that have “made outstanding contributions toward achieving the full integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality.”

How Fast Should You Move | Leading From the Library

Expectations for new leaders always run high. Failure to deliver big gains quickly can lead to disillusionment and loss of confidence. What can we learn from the UVa leadership debacle? Aspiring leaders are advised to study and learn from cases that offer the lessons of leading, both how to do it well and mistakes to […]

On Not Settling for Innovation | Peer to Peer Review

OK, I’ve had it. Too many meetings, too many presentations, too many blog posts, too many think-pieces along the lines of  “here’s how to fix ______” (insert your choice of system in crisis: the economy, domestic security, higher education, scholarly communication, the Euro zone, the designated-hitter rule, etc.), all of them breezily touting the same […]

Indiana Universities Plan New, Mixed Use Libraries

Purdue University trustees approved a plan for a new combined classroom and library building on July 19. It would replace an old power plant and outdated classroom space in three buildings, and consolidate the engineering and science libraries currently located in five different buildings. The $89 million project is part of a $397.3 million campus-wide, […]

Penn State Library To Keep Paterno Name

While he announced that a statue to Coach Paterno would be removed from Beaver Stadium in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal, Penn State President Rodney Erickson stated that he “feels strongly” that the school’s library should remain named after Paterno. “The Paterno Library symbolizes the substantial and lasting contributions to the […]

Jacksonville Budget Cuts Reduce Library Services

The Jacksonville, FL, Public Library faces deep budget cuts if Mayor Alvin Brown’s proposed budget goes through. The library’s current operating budget is $38.2 million, and the mayor is proposing an 11 percent reduction. The mayor presented his budget on July 16, but it won’t be voted on until Sept. 29. According to the library’s […]

Wearing Two Hats at ALA: Author and Librarian | ALA Annual 2012

Wearing Two Hats at ALA: Author and Librarian | ALA Annual 2012

Penguin Parent Buys iUniverse Owner

Pearson, parent company of Big Six publishing company Penguin, acquired self-publishing company Author Solutions Inc. (ASI) from private equity firm Bertram Capital for $116 million in cash. The five year old company is better known by its brand names iUniverse and Xlibris, under which it has published about 190,000 print and electronic books so far by about 150,000 authors. The company has grown at approximately 12 percent for the past three years; in 2011, it made about $100 million in revenues.