February 17, 2018

LJ Book Review Editor Heather McCormack to Manage 3M Ebook Lending Collection Development

Heather McCormack

Heather McCormack

Francine Fialkoff, editor in chief, Library Journal, today announced that Heather McCormack, LJ book review editor, is leaving the publication on July 17. McCormack has been with the magazine for nearly 14 years, starting barely out of college as a bookroom assistant and working her way up to managing editor, Book Review, before assuming her current post in 2010.

“Heather brought a fresh perspective to our team during a period of transition. She took enormous pride in developing and launching the twice-monthly LJ Reviews e-newsletter (formerly BookSmack), was integral to the development of the LJ Reviews website and Ebook/Digital Shift virtual summit, and became a voice for librarians in industry-wide forums where she made the case to publishers for library ebook lending,” said Fialkoff.

“While we will miss her, all change creates opportunities. LJ Book Review has an incredibly experienced editorial team—seasoned editors Wilda Williams, Margaret Heilbrun, Mike Rogers, Henrietta Thornton-Verma and Prepub Alert’s Barbara Hoffert, and new additions Molly McArdle and Stephanie Klose—with close ties to its readership and the market and will continue to move ahead while we search for a new editor,” Fialkoff said.

McCormack is assuming a position in 3M’s new ebook lending division as collection development manager. Her first official day there will be August 6.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to work alongside the professionals at LJ. I’ve gotten an invaluable education in life, publishing, and librarianship that I will apply and deepen at 3M,” McCormack said.

Publishers should continue to submit galleys to the LJ Book Review.



  1. Barbara Bibel says:

    You go, girl! Good luck, Heather. I’m sure that you will do a great job. I have enjoyed working with you.