February 16, 2018

Archives for September 2012

Are Dewey’s Days Numbered?: Libraries Nationwide Are Ditching the Old Classification System

Pushing between snack time and reading group, Zack, a third-grade boy, ducks into our school library while another class is beginning to check out books.

Washington: Yakima County Libraries Begin Filtering Out Adult Websites

From KAPP-TV: 18 libraries in Yakima County adopt a new internet policy that restricts users from accessing adult content — and many library goers are happy it is finally happening. [Clip] The Yakima Valley Regional Library Board voted to restrict online content earlier this week. Read the Complete Article Video Report From KNDO/KNDU Primary Documents […]

NYPL Crowdsources Interpretations of John Cage

This month, the New York Public Library (NYPL) is celebrating the centennial of Cage’s birthday with a live event on September 27 and the publication of John Cage’s Prepared Piano, a new edition of their Point iBook periodical series. The evening event also offered NYPL an opportunity to highlight the ongoing development of John Cage Unbound: A Living Archive, a new website that showcases the John Cage manuscript collection housed at NYPL’s Library for the Performing Arts, as well as videos in which professional musicians, students, and others explain how they prepare and perform works by Cage.

Successful Gigabit Campaign Brings Blazing Internet Service to Kansas City Libraries

Google’s entry into the Internet provider business in Kansas City, KS, and Kansas City, MO, is moving ahead, thanks to a last-minute rally by community groups earlier this month that will enable about 89 percent of both cities to access the service – including many public libraries and schools.

ALA President Talks to Publishers at AAP Event in NYC

American Library Association President Maureen Sullivan spoke to about 100 publishers this week during an Association of American Publishers event in New York. The presentation struck a more placatory tone than Sullivan’s open letter to publishers regarding the current state of ebook access in libraries. Sent just days earlier, it began by arguing that “it’s […]

AudioGO Adds Spanish-Language Children’s Audiobooks

AudioGO has partnered with Lorito Books to meet numerous requests to expand its Spanish-language audiobook offerings for children. “This collection is dedicated to building second-language skills through the use of audiobooks and quality children’s Spanish literature,” the publisher said.

RDA: Preparing for the Change Together | Backtalk

Some have joked that RDA—which stands for Resource Description and Access, and is the cataloging code that will be formally adopted in 2013 in place of AACR2—should stand for Retirement Day Approaching, and other such phrases that expose catalogers’ general trepidation about creating records using the new code.

Romney Doesn’t Support Fed Dollars for Common Core

What can we expect if Mitt Romney’s elected the next president? More school choice, absolutely no federal money devoted to helping implement the Common Core Standards, and an A to F grading system for all K-12 schools.

Why We Do What We Do | Peer to Peer Review

Last month In the Library with the Lead Pipe published a long essay asking What Do We Do and Why Do We Do It? It calls for a philosophy of librarianship, noting that people have been calling for such a thing since at least the 1930s. Having read around in the literature, including many of the works mentioned in the article, I’m not sure there can be such a thing as “a philosophy” of librarianship, but there can definitely be philosophizing about librarianship. Since the article didn’t address my philosophizing about the topic, I’d like to continue the conversation.

Good Leaders Learn What Not to Do | Leading From the Library

Kouzes and Posner gave us the “ten truths of leadership,” and that’s important to know, but a list of the top things you should avoid doing as a leader can be just as important to your success.