February 16, 2018

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Naming Names and What’s at Stake | From the Bell Tower

Academic librarians and their staff colleagues are typically at ease with sharing their names. How and when we do that can vary, and fear may influence our practices. Is that fear realistic, and how should it impact on sharing names?

Technology for Technology’s Sake… Not So Much | Not Dead Yet

I actively loved library technology from about 1985 to, oh, around 2001, during which time I jumped on every techno-bandwagon there was. Library databases, OPACs, desktop computers—I loved ‘em all. Indiscriminately. Because back then the technologies that were being developed helped me a lot, so I didn’t have to discriminate among them. They all located […]

Sandy & Libraries: Photos of Libraries in the Storm’s Aftermath

Sandy blasted through the East Coast from October 28-29 leaving its record-breaking mark. Despite major damage, libraries have risen to the challenge of serving their communities, offering internet access, electrical power, and even storytime.

Oral Arguments in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons (Text Transcript and Press Roundup)

UPDATE 11/2/12: Audio of Oral Arguments in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons is now available online. Stream or download.   Although most of DC was shut down yesterday (including the Federal Government) because of storm, oral arguments in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc first sale case did take place yesterday at the […]

Visualization Wall the Centerpiece of Brown Digital Scholarship Lab

The Brown University Library this month opened its new Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab, a facility that offers students access to software used by a variety of disciplines in a state-of-the-art viewing and listening environment. The centerpiece of the lab is a video visualization wall made from twelve 55-inch LED screens, which can be used together to show a single seven foot by 16 foot image or video at 24 megapixel resolution, or linked to individual touch-screen monitors for groups or classes working on collaborative projects.

Penguin, Random House Merger Is On

Just days after word broke that a Penguin/Random House merger was a possibly, it’s nearly a done deal. The companies announced they’re creating a joint venture, pending regulatory approval. (To the disappointment of the Twitterverse, it will be named Penguin Random House, not Random Penguin.)

Fayetteville Library Premieres First Film Production | From the Field

On October 19 the Fayetteville, AR, Public Library (FPL), LJ’s 2005 Library of the Year, rolled out the red carpet for 500 ticket holders as part of a Hollywood style premiere of its first film, Up Among the Hills: The Story of Fayetteville.

Best Databases 2012

It’s said that in a recession, people opt for old-world comforts. While in the electronic world there isn’t much that’s old world, the librarians who responded to this year’s call for best-database nominations name some mainstays that are likely to inspire some e-nostalgia. Consumer Reports, CultureGrams, and Guide to Reference are resources we’ve relied upon […]

Deal Confirmed: Penguin and Random House Combining to Create New Joint Venture

It’s official. A deal bringing Penguin and Random House together is a GO according to official announcements from Pearson (Penguin’s owner) and Bertelsmann (Random House owner). News of a possible deal was first reported last week and yesterday we added to that story with a report that News Corp. (parent of HarperCollins) appeared to have […]

Update: MI Court of Appeals: No Gun Ban for Libraries

Michigan district libraries, like other Michigan public libraries, may not ban guns, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled today.