March 22, 2018

Feedback: Letters to LJ, October 1, 2012 Issue

Romance foresight

The news that Francine Fialkoff is leaving LJ probably has rocked the library world to its core (Francine Fialkoff, “My Farewell Editorial,” LJ 9/15/12, p. 8; At least I know it surprised me! (If I were a less reserved person, I’d be shouting, “What are you thinking?!”) LJ won’t be the same without her, and I’m personally very sorry that she will no longer be at the helm. I know she has done so many innovative things at LJ, but I’ll always remember her cutting-edge willingness to take a chance on a romance review column when no other mainstream publishing journal ever had. That took a lot of courage (or shall I call it brilliant foresight?) at a time when romance was still dismissed as unimportant and even unworthy. Things are different now, of course, but Francine was the first to dare, and I and all the romance readers and librarians who serve them are incredibly grateful.

I know Francine will be on to more challenging and interesting things, and I can hardly wait to see what she will be up to next!

—Kristin Ramsdell, Libn. Emerita,
California State Univ. East Bay;
LJ Romance columnist since 1994

Hard work, strong voice

I was so sorry to learn that Francine ­Fialkoff is leaving LJ and have so appreciated all her hard work in the library world. Her work on Day of Dialog on behalf of librarians was outstanding; we will miss seeing her there. Her voice on behalf of the profession via LJ has led to some outstanding campaigns and benefit to libraries and their staffs….

—Diane L. Mohr, Adult Collection Coord.,
District of Columbia P.L., Washington, DC

Off to an MLS

Just want to wish Francine Fialkoff the best in this new chapter of her life! Thanks to her again for breaking the news to me: “Gilda. You are LJ Para­librarian of the Year 2011!” I still can’t believe it! I am starting library school September 10, 2012. Thanks to Francine for inspiring me!

—Gilda R. Ramos, LJ Paralibrarian of the Year 2011; Patchogue Medford Lib., Patchogue, NY

A better place

Francine Fialkoff has made Libraryland a better place. Thanks to her for everything—her commitment, passion, advocacy, and love. I wish her the very best in her next new chapter!…

—Miriam Tuliao, Asst. Dir., Branch Collection Development, Collections & Circulating
Operations, New York P.L.

Made it possible

Francine made everything possible for me! Thank you, Francine! I will miss her so much at LJ.

—Marilyn Johnson, author,
This Book Is Overdue, Briarcliff, NY

The little guy wins

I wanted to express my deep appreciation to Francine Fialkoff for her openness during all the times, over the years, that I’ve asked her to highlight a Canadian library issue. Bestowing a Movers & Shakers designation on my union president scored a win for the “little library guy” and this would not have been possible without her! I also enjoyed the few but significant telephone conversations we’ve shared. I’m saddened to read that Francine will be leaving LJ. I wish her all the best in whatever she decides to do!

—Anita Galanopoulos, Vancouver, BC

Years of support

Francine Fialkoff said “yes” to my pitch to her those many years ago for me to write a Digital Libraries column, which debuted in November 1997. It has been an amazing ride ever since. I so appreciate her support over the years and wish her the best of luck with whatever she chooses to do!

—Roy Tennant, OCLC Research,
Sonoma, CA

Growing LJ

This took me quite by surprise. In my mind, LJ and Francine Fialkoff were pretty much synonymous. Over the years, Francine has done a great job “growing” LJ. What amazing contributions she has made! And I know that will only continue—in whatever venues she selects next. I haven’t always agreed with every one of her positions, but I have always admired her conviction and competence. A heartfelt thank you….

—Gail Schlachter, RSP Funding,
El Dorado Hills, CA

A great editor

LJ is losing a great editor. She has done a good job and will be missed. I hope her departure from LJ isn’t a departure from the profession.

—Christine Hage, Dir., Rochester Hills P.L., Rochester, MI

Only one Francine

There’s only one Francine Fialkoff, and I’m grateful that the library industry has been lucky enough to get you. A fearless friend and tireless advocate for the people and institutions that have driven libraries forward, you’ve built a legacy that makes us all look good. I will dearly miss your voice in LJ…. Like everyone else, I’m eager to hear it again in new ways.

—Beth Dempsey, Dempsey
Communications Group, Novi, MI

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