February 16, 2018

Archives for November 2012

Books & Bibles: Christian Writers Gather in Dallas

Wilda Williams reports on the American Christian Fiction Writers’ conference.

Scientists Seek New Credibility Outside of Established Journals

Open Access is only one part of a larger shift taking place in the academic world—particularly the sciences—says Richard Price, founder and CEO of academia.edu. Price argues that academia is moving toward a system where the credibility of research, publications, and ultimately researchers themselves, is gauged not by the prestige of the journal in which works are published, but by the usage, citations, and professional feedback that the works generate online.

Self-Help Meets God: A Classic Approach | Collection Development

Self-help: the term evokes the busier aisles of the bookstore and some of the most popular ranges in any local public library. It is also, as we know, a category of writing, publishing, and reading subjected to a great deal of mockery and satire in the public sphere and, perhaps, deservedly so: there is a kind of rapid reach for easy conclusions and at times a haste in writing and structure that leaves self-help writers and readers vulnerable to the most contemptuous sort of criticism.

Posting A Parody Video? Read This First.

Lansdowne Public Library’s “Read It” video, based on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, was originally yanked from YouTube for a copyright violation. But the story may have a happy ending: the library director told LJ that “The Lansdowne Public Library ‘Read It!’ parody is back up on YouTube and I believe that it will stay there.”

Place Your Bets, People: Semantic Speech Recognition and the Future of Libraries | Peer to Peer Review

Some years ago, when cellphones were still mostly the province of celebrities and hardcore business travelers, I was walking through an airport and saw a well-groomed and prosperous-looking man engaged in animated conversation with, as far as I could tell, himself. He certainly didn’t seem to be conversing with anyone nearby, anyway. As I (carefully) got closer and continued to watch him talking and gesticulating into the empty social space around him I thought to myself, “That’s interesting; he doesn’t look crazy…”

After Successful 3-Year Pilot, JSTOR Launches New Alumni Access Program

Exciting news from JSTOR. From Today’s Announcement: JSTOR is pleased to announce a new Alumni Access program, which enables participating higher education institutions to provide their alumni with access to their JSTOR archive collections.  This is an important next step in our ongoing efforts to extend access to scholarship to individuals around the world, and […]

Interviewing Across the Generations | Not Dead Yet

Job interviewing in libraries has changed over the years I’ve been in the profession. When I started out, interviews tended to last less than a day and you met with one or two folks during the interview. Now, interviews typically last longer than one day and candidates meet with folks from all over a library and institution. Many of the techniques I’ve learned over the years can be applied today, but there are new techniques and interview skills that smart candidates can use to give them an edge in the interview process. At the same time, I’d like to remind interviewers that there are skills they need to employ to make an interview successful

Developing Your Leadership Presence | Leading from the Library

It’s hard to say exactly what presence is, but when it comes to leaders, we know it when we see it. How do you learn to boost your presence, especially if your style is more introverted?

Auraria Skateboard Marketing Program Wins Gale Contest

Auraria Library in Denver won the Out-of-the-Box Marketing Contest, launched by Gale, part of Cengage Learning, at the inaugural R-Squared Risk and Reward Conference this September.

Software and Editorial Board Ready, PeerJ Announces Call for Papers

PeerJ, a new multidisciplinary Open Access journal focused on the Biological and Medical Sciences, today announced its first formal Call for Papers. Submissions will be accepted beginning December 3, 2012. When the Journal’s launch was announced in June, company co-founders Jason Hoyt, formerly the chief scientist and vice president for research and development at research software provider Mendeley, and Peter Binfield, formerly the publisher of the Public Library of Science (PLoS), told LJ that they were anticipating a “wholesale move” to open access in academic publishing,