April 20, 2018

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The Strange Case of Edwin Mellen Press

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the lawsuits that the Edwin Mellen Press brought against McMaster University librarian Dale Askey. One of those suits (which also named McMaster as a plaintiff) was subsequently dropped, but as far as I know at this writing the other (naming Askey alone) still stands. I’m not writing to […]

Stephen King To Help Fund Library Roof Replacement

Writer Stephen King is known for many things: suspenseful storytelling, horror tales, and literary rock band music. But another long-time role is now capturing worldwide attention: library philanthropist. The Bangor Public Library announced last week that Stephen and his wife and fellow author Tabitha King will donate $3 million toward the library’s $9 million renovation, redesign, and capital campaign, as long as the library can find other funds to reach the rest of its goal.

The Scholarly Kitchen Removes Posts Re: Edwin Mellen Publishers, Following Letter from Lawyer

UPDATE (April 3, 2012): The Scholarly Kitchen Reinstates Removed Posts The decision to reinstate the posts was made by the Board of Directors of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, publisher of The Scholarly Kitchen. From a guest post on The Scholarly Kitchen blog by Carol Anne Meyer, President, Society for Scholarly Publishing: For many reasons I won’t go […]

Credo Integrates Text-to-Speech Accessibility Features Into Literati

Credo Reference is integrating text-to-speech technology from ReadSpeaker into its Literati full-text reference line of offerings. The text-to-speech functionality is already available for Literati Public and will soon be added to Literati Academic, Literati School, and Literati Student Athlete. The latter two products were launched earlier this year. The move comes as several library organizations are embarking on more focused efforts to address the need for accessibility with digital content.

Freading Working on Enhancing Discoverability, Bigger Publisher List

On April 12, Library Ideas will launch Freading 2.0, an upgrade of its existing pay-per-circ ebook platform. This will include several new features, such as MARC records supplied by OCLC for all of the 30,000 titles now offered by the service, along with an updated website with enhanced search functions, and new navigation tools that will help users find books grouped by category. This summer, Freading will also begin offering foreign language ebooks, beginning with 2,000 titles in Spanish.

Amazon.com Will Acquire Goodreads

Update 2: AllThingsD/WSJ: “Actually, Amazon Paid About $150 Million for Goodreads” According to sources, Amazon paid about $150 million for Goodreads, the popular books recommendation service. But that number could close in on $200 million, if certain performance metrics are met. Update: Read What Goodreads CEO, Otis Chandler Has to Say About the Amazon Acquisition […]

It’s About Time! Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources | Not Dead Yet

If you had told me when I was a newbie librarian a lot of years ago that I’d be co-authoring a book someday that had “marketing” in the title I would have (a) laughed and (b) told you “no way.” I didn’t see that in my future at all. Then 35 years passed. In the […]

New Reference Resource: The Fair Use/Fair Dealing Handbook

Here’s a new reference resource written by Jonathan Band and Jonathan Gerafi at policybandwidth and made available (free) on the infojustice.org web site. From the Introduction: More than 40 countries with over one-third of the world’s population have fair use or fair dealing provisions in their copyright laws. These countries are in all regions of […]

Partnership: ARTstor Will Make More than 10,000 Hi-Quality Images Available to Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)

Note: The ARTstor blog post below includes a mention of a new initiative, Open ARTstor. From the ARTstor or DPLA Web Sites: ARTstor is partnering with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) to provide access to more than 10,000 high-quality images from six leading museums. As part of its collaboration with ARTstor, the DPLA […]

Authentic Librarianship and the Procrustean Collection | Peer to Peer Review

We all know the story of Procrustes: he was basically the Basil Fawlty of Greek mythology, a terrible hotel owner with a single iron bed. He would invite passersby to spend the night as his guests, and would then either stretch them or cut them to fit the bed. In academic libraries, the temptation to take a similar (if more gentle) approach to our patrons and their research needs is great.