March 16, 2018

Jane Secker | Movers & Shakers 2013 — Advocates

Info-Literacy Star

Jane Secker - Movers & Shakers 2013


Copyright and Digital Literacy Advisor
Centre For Learning Technology, London School of Economics And Political Science, England

Ph.D., University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1999

Journal of Information Literacy


When Jane Secker started at the London School of Economics in late 2001, she noticed that the library’s electronic resources could stump even world-class instructors. That ultimately inspired Secker, a copyright and digital literacy advisor who teaches information literacy to doctoral candidates, and her research partners to develop a system to share openly licensed teaching resources and then to create a new information literacy curriculum. “Technology evolves all the time, and I don’t think we should ever assume that it is easy and intuitive to keep up-to-date and to use it effectively for research and teaching,” Secker says.

Secker pushes other academic librarians in the UK to share their teaching approaches and tools, too, says Andrew Walsh, a librarian and teaching fellow at the University of Hudders­field, England. These resources are shared online at Developing Educators Learning and Information Literacies for Accreditation (DELILA), and instructors and librarians can use and modify tools for their needs. “Jane seems to have a knack for taking a really intelligent and practical approach to issues that concern lots of us, then pulling teams together and producing engaging, useful presentations and publications that allow us all to move forward on them,” Walsh says.

Secker and her research partners turned information literacy theory into a practical set of resources that are an easy “sell” to academic colleagues outside the library when they created “A New Curriculum for Information Literacy” (ANCIL), Walsh says.

Secker introduced DELILA and ANCIL to the world in 2012 at UNESCO and IFLA (the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) conferences. As of January 2013, people from 20 different countries have used DELILA and 100 countries have accessed ANCIL, Secker says. “Information and digital literacy is far more than just an academic competency; it’s essential for people in all walks of life to achieve their personal and professional goals and participate fully as citizens in the world,” Secker says.



  1. I worked with Jane when I was the Information Resources Manager at the London School of Economics. Jane is well deserving of the title Mover and Shaker and it is nice to see non-US librarians recognized for their contributions to the field.