March 18, 2018

Archives for April 2013

OCLC WorldCat Knowledge Base Supports Demand Driven Acquisition

OCLC has begun supporting demand-driven acquisition (DDA) through the WorldCat Knowledge Base. DDA pioneer and ProQuest subsidiary EBL will be the first ebook service to provide data, with sister company ebrary to follow soon. Interest in DDA is well established, but there are still challenges facing adopters of these programs.

Meet the Pierce Sisters, AKA the Future of Libraries | Not Dead Yet

Ever worry about where our profession is headed? I do—a lot—but then something happens to make me realize there is indeed a bright future for librarianship, and that library work still attracts talented, creative, and interesting people. I recently had the good fortune to meet two such individuals: Ashley and Heather Pierce. They’re sisters who both happen to work at the Harvard Law School Library (HLSL), and they’re both vibrant, motivated young women who enjoy their work immensely and are obviously committed to it.

Q&A: Anton Nocito | May 1, 2013

An interview with Anton Nocito, P&H Soda Co. founder and author of Make Your Own Soda: Syrup Recipes for All-Natural Pop, Floats, Cocktails, and More.

Beta Testers Weigh In On Hoopla

Hoopla, Midwest Tape’s pay-per-circulation media streaming service for public libraries, has been in beta-testing mode for close to two months, and early reports of both the service overall and its mobile applications have been positive.

Deleted Doesn’t Mean Inaccessible: Search and Access Deleted Tweets By Politicians

Once you click post/publish and the material becomes publicly accessible, you’ve lost full control of the item. Today, I want to point out a free online resource that makes deleted tweets from elected politicians from around the globe searchable and accessible named Politwoops.

Steve Jobs, Harry Houdini, and Beyoncé | What We’re Reading

This week, Library Journal and School Library Journal staffers are dipping into some classics (both new and old) of the horror genre, taking behind-the-scenes looks at today’s technology, and looking at historical figures with new eyes.

What To Brew, Mix, & Serve | Wyatt’s World

Classic cocktails, true brews, twists in tequila, slushes for a change? Every glass has a plot.

Can We Talk About the MLS? | Editorial

Can we have a rational discussion about the MLS? Why is the MLS indispensable? What does it confer that could not be accumulated incrementally on the job just as well? Most important, can’t we have a fraternal, respected, and smart profession without overreliance on an expensive and unnecessarily exclusionary credential?

Internet Archive/Archive-It Continues Building Boston Marathon Bombing Web Archive

The Internet Archive (IA) and their wonderful Archive-It service is continuing to build and make searchable a collection of materials/news reports/social media about the Boston Marathon Bombing. In Their Own Words: This collection is comprised of contributions from curators and subject matter experts; and includes news articles, blogs, social media sites, and organizational websites related […]